Operation IAPETUS: Briefing (3/1/12)


Operation IAPETUS
You are to investigate the murders of MALCOLM RIDGEWAY (44), DINAH RIDGEWAY (43), MICHAEL RIDGEWAY (18), CLARK RIDGEWAY (16), DEAN RIDGEWAY (14), MARY RIDGEWAY (13), ALICE RIDGEWAY (12), CLAIRE RIDGEWAY (10) in Alliance, New Jersey on 12OCT10.

Murderer is MICHAEL WEI (26) (DECEASED). Wei was a mathematical student at Columbia University New York. Wei inscribed a series of numbers at the scene which are known to possess dangerous, paranormal properties.
Mission Instructions:
– Determine if WEI distributed the number in any manner besides the crime scene (phone, fax, email).
– Locate WEI’s notes and work on the number and destroy it.
– If possible, destroy the number inscription at the scene and all photographic evidence of it in the hands of the authorities.
– Locate any exposed to the number with mathematical experience and report them to A-Cell.
– Link WEI romantically to DINAH RIDGEWAY. Fake whatever documents necessary to make an affair between the two seem likely.
– Once protocols are complete, contact A-Cell for further instructions
Possible Friendly Contacts :
-Trooper Thomas Blanet, New Jersey State Patrol


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