Operation IAPETUS Finale (3/12/12)

President and First Family were attacked by a rogue agent. Three Secret Service agents were killed in the attack, four others were seriously wounded. Government agents acted valiantly in the defense of the President and the First Family. At no time was the President or the First Family in any actual danger.

All Delta Green agents have been placed on temporary administrative leave from their cover professions during the debriefing and post operational observation process. All weapons and ordinance from IAPETUS have been acquired as part of this process. New PDW’s (personal defense weapons) have been issued.

Agent Status:

Mark Whitmore – deceased
Andreas Dean – on administrative leave from BATF&E
Jim Halperin – detained for further debriefing, observation and evalution
Shane Stockton – recovering from wounds sustained in line of duty (NY apartment blast)
Dirk Carver – on administrative leave from NYPD
Bobby Brickhouse – resuming normal broadcast schedule soon

Delta Green obtained and destroyed remaining copies of Libri Plures Admiratio (“Book of Many Wonders”), including the original located at L’Universite libre de Bruxelles.

Julius Sward and his family died by his own hand in Modesto, California. Lawrence Badek, a 42 year old math teacher in Wiesbaden, Germany also died by his own hand. Before he died, however, he managed to take over one of the towers for Marktkirche Cathedral and wave a bedsheet with numbers written on it in shoe polish from the parapet. The numbers were never completely visible in existing news coverage. Badek fired on police on the ground, hitting no one. When the Spezialeinsatzkommando stormed the tower, Badek jumped from the parapet holding SDK commando Ernst Austerlitz. Both fell to their deaths on live television. At that some moment, an explosive device in the tower detonated, killing four other SDK officers.

At this time, it appears that all further vectors of the Laqueus Solution have been removed.

As a result of the high profile attention caused by IAPETUS – all Delta Green agents are limited to their PDW only. All requisitions for other ordinance are limited at this time. Missions will be transitioning to the ‘Green Box’ protocol effective immediately.


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