Operation Blue Ride: Update 1 (4/1/12)

Bit of a late start last night – even though I was back from WV event at 7:28 we didn’t really get rolling until 8:30 – there was much bullshitting and catching up…

Despite that late start, it was a productive evening.

Investigations led the group to a farm where Bobby Brickhouse (Craig) had his way with Farmer Robert Gum’s cow …mostly the udder. The udder was missing but in the featureless scar tissue that remained, teats would appear when just the right tickle was applied.

Oh, on the way to the farm, some UFO watchers (the star and chief cameraman of Phenomen-X) were pulled over by the group for questioning. They were later found unconscious in their car, on the side of the road. They had no memory of how they got there or what happened.

The group spent some quiet time on a stake-out looking for UFO’s. Some faint, colorful, glimmering lights were briefly observed as they moved through the low clouds,

While on their stake out, the agents heard of another UFO watcher – Scott Adams. The group returned to their motel and discovered that Scott had a room at their very own motel – but hadn’t been seen for a couple of days.

Scott was found, half floating, in a tub full of water and blood – rancid after several days of decomposition. Sadly, it was in Scott’s room that agent Andreas Dean passed last night. In the bad motel bathroom, some sort of whitish or pinkish protoplasm leapt at Andreas. Our other intrepid investigators fled the room even as Andreas quick reflexes allowed him to fire on the kiwi-sized protoplasmic blob as it struck the bathroom door. He countered with suppressed pistol fire and splatted the blob at point blank range across the bathroom door. Unfortunately, a larger mass of the protoplasm erupted from the bathtub. It was concealed beneath the bloating corpse of Scott. When the protoplasm erupted, body and bathwater all became airborne for a moment – and in that moment, the protoplasm attached itself to the chest of Andreas.

As Andreas struggled to remove his kevlar vest, to his horror, the blob he splattered with his 9mm reformed and leapt to join the larger mass as it worked its way underneath his clothing.

Moments later he awoke amidst the rancid blood and bathwater on the bathroom floor – feeling only a sense of panic and invasion. His abdomen wracked with extreme discomfort and pain. How much time had passed? How long was it before his fellow agents re-entered the hotel room to check on whether or not he was alive?

Next, Dirk Carver’s warm and reassuring face appeared. The stained ceiling of the motel bathroom with the little sparkles in the water stained texturing glimmering behind Dirk’s face. Then, Dirk’s arm appeared holding a syringe. That is the last image that Andreas Dean ever saw.

Welcome to Groversville, Tennessee.

And we had donuts. 11:30…

Joakim woke up in here somewhere, I don’t recall if he had a donut – but he was obviously jet-lagging a bit as he passed out heavily in his chair somewhere around 10:30 or so… Somehow I managed to get the potatochip/ginger/cashew/pecanbar/spaghetti/salad/icecream/doubledowndonut ratio about right as I felt pretty good this morning….

Looking forward to our next gathering.

Cheers and be well all.

Oh, and no pic because we never went to the map….maybe next time…


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