Operation Blue Ridge: Update 2 (4/13/12)

Well, the evening began where it left off – Leif and Ron’s characters standing beside the road, watching Scott Adams’ corpse and the rental Suburban incinerate on the side of the freeway. Afterward, Leif’s character journeyed on with the body of Scott Adams and the burned vehicular wreckage to Atlanta.

The rest of the investigators were back in Groversville.

Donavan’s new persona, a CDC agent complete with bio-safety equipment arrived from Atlanta early in the morning to find the other agents sleeping off their night’s adventures.

In the morning, some of the team slurped down some breakfast at the Stuffin’ Shack. Chris’ character did some tissue analysis of the cow udder and other samples in the hotel room. Donavan’s character began cleaning Scott Adams’ hotel room. Joakim stayed in the room and kept an eye on things via remote cameras.

After breakfast, the team noticed a telephone lineman up the pole outside the hotel. This led to a ‘conversation’ which ended in the back of the telephone lineman’s van. Ron’s character pistol whipped the lineman into submission, while the lineman nearly headbutted Ron’s character into unconsciousness. The group took the van out of town to ask the lineman some questions. During that process, he died.


They decided to dump the van and body up by the reservoir.  While there, they ran into some of Billy Ray Spivey’s friends – who talked about Mrs. Spivey and Billy’s girl, Jane Allen. … The latter name sparked some dim memory of a name from a handout and the group did some research. .. or sort of did some research.

At any rate, eventually they found out that in another hotel room there might be someone with the initials J.A. that Scott had rented the room for. With some interrogation of our Indian friend, they got into the room and found a very pregnant, and very hungry, Jane Allen. Evidently she’d been hiding there with Scott’s help and hadn’t eaten in the three days since he died.

The group fed her,  though her protruding stomach was fearfully stretching (only about a month pregnant, she appeared to be ready to pop at any moment). Our intrepid heroes transported her to SAIC Derringer at the FBI HQ. Upon delivery of her, Derringer handed over some spray that the lab had worked up. Upon contact with the protomatter, the spray would turn a bright pink. The team sprayed Derringer and he was clean. Later, in private, they sprayed one another. All were heavily contaminated. Joakim’s character and Donavan’s replacement character (who lived in his bio-hazard suit) were the least. Those who’d eaten and drank freely in Groversville – among the most.

The team spent the night out of town that night, got some more supplies, including MRE’s and bottled water and went back the next morning. They returned to the reservoir and found it to be wholly and heavily contaminated. In fact, all the town watter is completely contaminated turning bright pink on contact with the spray.

Scott Adams’ computer files led the team to Jane Allen, and likewise, examination of these files led them to a cryptic statement that several members of the community ‘never go home’. These turned out to be the town aldermen.

The group spent a night up at the reservoir looking for UFO’s. Joakim’s character spotted a cluster of bright lights moving up the valley, to the east and then descending and winking out, somewhere east of town.

In the early morning of Friday, November 13th, the group decided to follow up on the Aldermen and went to their homes. They found wives in curlers and house coats preparing for a long day of laundry, vacuuming, and morning soaps. Except Mrs. Allen, who was already nursing a bourbon and soda (without the soda). Our heroes did make an appointment to stop back by this evening, around 6:00 to see Mr. Allen.

Afterwards, they decided to go to the Town Hall bldg. and see if they could speak with the Aldermen there. Evidently, they have a weekly morning meeting most Fridays. As our heroes drove up to the town hall, we called it for the evening.

Overall, I had thought the evening would start of quickly with the clues that were revealed and emailed out at the last session – leading to Jane and the Alderman question. But the group was … clue challenged and didn’t pick up on this until much later in the evening.

That is where we left it, I think. Perhaps the others can correct me or enhance this in areas where I’ve overly abbreviated. Thank you, Leif, for the use of your home. It was nice to be in familiar and comfortable surroundings. We enjoyed the toothbrushes – but found them lacking in scratching that itch that was unrelenting, you know. We had to improvise. I think we killed the pizza rolls but forgot chicken wings and popcorn chickens in your freezer. Next time perhaps.

Looking forward to next time and the return to Groversville.


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