Blue Ridge Finale – A New Age Begins (4/27/12)

The aftermath of our last session was significant.

Billy Ray Spivey died of his condition under custody.

Billy Ray’s girlfriend, Jane Allen, died of her condition under care.

Jane Allen’s infant died under care.

Agent Halperin was able to obtain the body of a ‘gray’ from the gassed
barn on the farm in Groversville. Unfortunately, a Majestic-12 unit,
under the command of Adolf Lupus took possession of the body and the
barn. Later surveilance reported that the barn was completely
destroyed and the site razed.

Groversville was quarantined by the CDC. There was substantial
evidence of mining related toxic groundwater contamination. This led
to suppressed immune systems of the local population and a severe
outbreak of influenza followed. As a result, twenty seven people died.

There has been some reorganization within Delta Green. From here
forward, alphabetical cell divisions will have no more than three
members. A-Cell, for example will have three members. B-Cell, will
have three members and so on. This leaves a total of 78 available DG
agent positions available within the United States.Cell members will
only know the names of their fellow cell members and the code names of
the leaders of adjacent cells. These precautions are taken as Majestic
(MJ) may be seeking to ‘out’ DG and reveal their illegal activities
and expose the membership. Additional roles can be supplemental to the
DG effort via DG ‘Friendly’ status. Exceptions are made for previous
operation associations.

Current members of A-Cell are Bandolier, Stockton, Carver
Current members of H-Cell are Halperin, Haines

It has been some months since these events have passed. It is early spring.
Your smartphone displays a text message from Agent Alexander, Director
of Operations.

“You are cordially invited to a night at the opera. Arrangements have
been made for you to meet your escort at Lambert Airport, St. Louis,
Missouri. Be seeing you.”


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