Operation Blue Ridge – Finale (4/27/12)

Nice pic Ron. Funny, I remember you taking that in the moment but it seems like a long time ago now.

One of those nights where I went to pee right before we started and right after dinner, and didn’t move until 2 AM. My bladder was pretty full.

Good thing I had plenty of salt and sugar to help my osmotic potential along.

I had a good time last night, I hope you all did as well. My condolences to those who perished during the evening, Craig and Leif.

The two DEA agents that stepped in to help with the raid on the barn were welcome replacements. Too bad that Leif was heavily napping when the barn cracking team began. Went to bed thinking about potential nuclear strikes in Tennessee and chuckling to myself. A memorable evening. Well done all.

I’ll send out some briefing information for next session. It is going to task all of your investigative abilities and your ability to stay on task even more than this past session. As always, the possibility of sudden and painful death will be close at hand. There should be some questions that remain unanswered. Feel free to shoot those out if you’re interested. The game is about facing peril and earning the donuts, but ultimate success will come through knowledge and understanding.

Funny how the mind caves in and suddenly some other part of the brainstem takes over and you’re grabbing a pillow with a little happy smirk and surrendering to that call…..

The night before, thanks to movies with Joakim, I had run less than 5 hours sleep. I don’t know how I made it without caving…perhaps it was adrenaline…fear for the future of earth and Tennessee …whether it was alien or nuclear threat.

Had a short night last night as well. Home about 2:30…we’re dog sitting Sally and Ella’s dad’s dog. He got up at 6:30…my mom called at 7:30. Kinda up since then. Starting to feel it a bit.

Not sure if Captain helicopter pilot and demolitions officer are best built for the case-work ahead? Most case work is crime scene sleuthing, possibly technical data mining type work, and action as last resort. I’m fine with going ahead with whatever persona you guys want to bring to the game. Also availble as good replacement characters might Dan the Sherriff from Groversville. When he comes back to his senses, he’s going to be interested in following up on exactly what happened. Also, possibly Prikaj Lal, desk clerk from Merle’s Shut Eye. He’s going to be looking for some answers for a while.

Already scheming and preparing for our next meeting.


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