From Agent Bandolier’s Notes (5/4/12)

2011 Feb 10 Tuesday 
Morning Arrival 
We met with Louis Gaston, FBI, who took us immediately to the house of Larry Daniels. An event had occurred leading to several deaths. The house has an 8 ft wall and gate, and about a zillion FBI and ATF, as well as a couple of USAF keeping a low profile.

Victims: Col. Larry Daniels, USAF, retired, had been an USAF administrator (he went to the Air Force Academy, but his eyes went bad). He worked in procurement and seems to have been involved in Central America and the Middle East/Gulf War One. He retired from USAF and went to work for McDonnell Douglas (MD). There seems to be some indication that he was involved in Iran Contra era arms running [needs clarification]. There was no indictment.
Neil Begly, pimp and probable drug dealer. We later learned that Neil brought the hookers.
Stanley Cable, city commissioner. Much more information needed on this guy.
Hookers, six of them.
Survivor senator Anthony DiTorio (D- MO). The senator is on the Armed Service Committee. Fifty eight years old (claims to be 50), no kids, divorced 5 years ago [what does ex wife say led to breakup?] when he started humping hookers as fast as possible. He has a broken arm and is in shock at the hospital.

The House
We entered the foyer. Here DiTorio and a hooker were found on the floor. DiTorio was alive and transported to the hospital.
The hooker was dead and appears to have acted as an airbag when the senator landed on her. The next body was found in the parlor, hanging by her arm from the ceiling. The arm penetrated the ceiling, and appeared bonded with the structure of the house. The hand stuck up into the room above. Teleportation error indicated. Body three was a hooker stuck halfway through the wall between the hall and the party room. Another apparent teleportation error.
The party room appeared to be blown out as if a detonation had gone off inside, pooching out the walls, floor and ceiling. At the epicenter Daniels was found kneeling with an Olympic boner and holding a crystal in his praying hands [the crystal is now at the university with Dr. Travis Archer, geologist.
Daniels body was cooked and dried to a charcoal. Begley was also here, partially fused into a chair. There were also two dead hoookers in here. A survey of clothing determined that there was an extra pair of men’s trousers and ladies underpants. Our investigation began to include determining if two other survivors had escaped the event.
The final victims were found in a small room off the party room. Cable and a hooker and a bunch of sex toys were there. In an office two USAF officials (Picton and Wensloff) were searching Daniel’s hard drive, apparently for anything classified. We set up a camera and mic to watch them. The room also held many books on new age crystal mumbo jumbo, literature, and the military. There was a photo of a body builder giving Daniels a book and handshake [the book is the same one as found on the bookshelf IIRC]. On the shelf was a “most used” book with the inscription, “To Larry, for more than I can write, Ron.” That book was titled Inner Science, by Herbert Price, founder of Enolsis. [see Enolsis interlude, next section] The bodybuilder guy was in military fatigues, last name, Valiant, was determined later.
The master bedroom contained some BDSM gear that obviously hadn’t been used in a long time, and a pamphlet titled Your Realizer And You, which appears to be an instruction guide for using crystals and was published by Enolsis. The garage contains a couple guest vehicles, but Daniel’s vehicle is absent. DMV records indicate that the missing vehicle is a red Mercedes. APB put out.
Carriage house contains staff quarters. The staff report that they were sent to the carriage house before the party. Someone was awakened by a huge flash (the event), then went in and saw the bodies of DiTorio and a hooker and called the cops. Daniels was alleged to have a friend who hung around a lot who was a body builder. The were able to add little else. We did not learn if the car was taken before or after the event. The staff are as follows:
– Emily Beaucamp, maid, Haitian
– Jeanette Beaucamp, cook, Haitian, sister of Emily
– Henry Kim, gardener, Korean
– Gerry Fletcher, chauffeur, Jamaican
– Dolores Montez, ???, housekeeper
– Ernesto Montez, ???, butler, husband of Dolores.

Enolsis interlude– from wikipedia
Enolsis was founded by Herbert Price, who promoted a system of clearing your life of clutter. He was rabidly anti-tax and, in 1978 he created a religion as a tax shelter. He published many books and self-help things. Some facts rushed by me, so here is a synopsis that might or might not be accurate and we really should have had a handout for this anyhow:
– 1984 10,000 members est.
– 1988 Tax exempt status lost due to being totally fraudulent.
– 1990 Enolsis est. worth $11 million.
– no date – The Stewards established as in-house muscle and enforecers. Stewards infiltrated other organizations including the IRS IIRC.
– 1997 Stewards caught buying illegal weapons. Possibly active in arms dealing. Huge indictments came down. Price disappeared with the money.
– 2000 many fewer members [I missed the exact number, if given it was buried in a deluge of info].
– 2000 November- Gene Downing succeeds Price as leader, introduces crystals. Enolsis begins focussing on self-actualization/self-help bullshit. There is no fate. You control everything that happens to you.
– 2007 Gene Downing given the title The Living Power. – now over 107,000 members.

2011 Feb 10 
Tuesday 15h00 
Mercedes Located by local cops We drove from the house to the car. Our assumption was that the car had been taken by two people who had avoided dying in the event and left the party, or who left early before the event. It had been utterly stripped by local shits. There was type-A blood and blond hair on the steering wheel. We located a bloody smutch on a brick wall and found a dead (head mushed in) hooker in a nearby dumpster. Someone had apparently crushed her skull against the building and dumped her. We met with local hoodlums and managed to buy the hooker’s purse (mines money and drugs, which were allegedly party drugs: ecstasy, cocaine, whatever). The hooker was IDed as Rachel Marks. We determined her cell number and traced its activity but it hadn’t been used recently. We traveled to Ms Marks’ appartment and saw her roommate (lady) naked. That was Ms. Mary Peabody. From Mary we worked out the IDs of the hookers: Dead hooker roll call:
– Emma Louise Naffak, arm through ceiling
– Danine Zimbello, under DiTorio in the foyer
– Amanda Curren
– Sarah Armes
– Kat Washington
– Angela Stevens
– Rachel Marks, killed after escaping the party

2011 Feb 10 
Tuesday 17h30 Local Enolsis Office:
The main floor of the building is a large room with rubber mats. It stinks a bit. Two ladies are there to greet mugs and hand out crystals: Diane (hot) and Sarah. Pictures on the wall include one of Doug Walters (the current local director), Gene Downing (the Living Power, worldwide director), and the late Teb Stobbins deceased local director who died in 2009. There are three doors from the main room, but we were given no opportunity to enter any. No microphone was planted, but we managed to put in a camera in the bookstore across the street to watch the front. Checking official files, we learned that Stobbins died on 17 Oct 2009 at Enolsis from a shotgun wound to the heart. The safe at Enolsis was stolen. The safe supposedly contained items of spiritual significance. Upstairs is a long time apparel company that confirmed that there are no other normal entrances to the Enolsis building. The building is bracketed by other, unrelated businesses. Diane made an apparent sexual advance at one of our agents, but was rebuffed. Turns out he was gay. Enolsis closes at 23h00.

2011 Feb 10
Tuesday Later at FBI Headquarters 
We learned that the crystal from the event had been turned over to Dr. Travis Archer (mentioned earlier). We learned the last name of Valiant for the Ron who signed Daniels’ book. A cursory investigation of Ron Valiant indicates that he was caught and tortured by Columbian drug lords in 2003. Allegedly he was smuggling weapons. The US government acknowledged that he was CIA and secured his release [Could use some clarification here as I was busy puzzling out something else at this time]. Ron Valiant has CIA files that we weren’t yet able to access. We learned that senator DiTorio had regained consciousness.

2011 Feb 10 
Tuesday Later at Hospital 
We badged our way into the senator’s room and interrogated him. While he was sleeping, he was blabbing, “My boy, my boy, no… He’s all I got… Safe… Danine…” [please confirm the accuracy of this, I was writing fast] He was a hostile fucker until confronted with the possibility that crime scene footage of him on a dead hooker might be made public. Then he was marginally nicer and Agent Angst hit with with the juice. We learned that Daniels got wicked big boners using crystals and that Doug Walters was at the party. We did not learn if he and Ms Marks left before or after the event. Angst administered an amnesiac and we left. We returned to our hotel to get a nap at 21h00.

2011 Feb 10 
Tuesday 22h00 at hotel 
  Received a phone call with autopsy results. All dead guests (besides Daniels I guess) had internalized shrapnel. More teleportation error-like injuries. The house had been scattered with debris, all of which was determined to have come from the party room during the flash/event. As if there was an explosion into another dimension (for lack of a less retarded or cliché way of describing it) in that room which took along a lot of stuff and people, but it quickly returned to our dimension with some things inside of others.

2011 Feb 11 
Wednesday 03h00 Enolsis: 
We broke in. Upstairs is one big room in all white with sheer curtains and a waterbed in the center. Behind the curtains were lots of guns (assault rifles), a video camera, an AV set up and a kajillion tons of porn. In the player currently was a tape labeled “Diane and Sarah”. Two interesting CDs were X.AVI and FOR_THE_WORLD.MP3. We copied the CDs and the Diane tape (yeah!). We bugged the upper room and the lower room. There was also some equipment (saws) where someone had been sawing crystals (Realizers) in half. Besides the stairs up behind the door marked “Private”, the other two doors on the ground floor were labeled “something,” and, “another thing”. One had lots of Realizers and pamphlets, I think. The other had fuck all and a floor safe that we couldn’t open. We set a camera to hopefully capture someone opening it and requested a safe cracker from Delta Green.

2011 Feb 11 
Wednesday 05h00 Hotel
We watched the vids as follows:Diane and Sarah – The eponymous girls get boned by Doug Walters. They act horny as all fuck, but appear uncomfortable and possibly drugged.X.AVI – Hope and Doug get it on wildly. Hope is hot until she comes uncunted and turns into an amorphous alien with 11 vaginas and 167 assholes. Doug makes her call him daddy or something like that. Total protomatter. FOR_THE_WORLD.MP3 – An audio track of Doug proclaiming his amazing power to destroy the aliens that run all Earths major religions. Doug plans to dominate the Earth after freeing it from alien control.


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