Friday: (5/18/12)

Well done, all. It was a big session the other night. I barely left the chair.Reconstituted after Bandolier’s excellent summary. I’ll try to fill in a few gaps and questions below.

Agent Bandolier’s comments in red. 

It was a night of heavy investigation but it seemed to flow rather well. Craig fell asleep briefly in his chair, but he was the only confirmed instance of unconsciousness. Chris, you were missed. We could have used some of your forensic abilities, and some of the food that had your name on it felt abandoned. Although, the cheese steaks were spoken for one and all before the donuts went down. Donuts went down under the alternate sacrament consumption provision whereby donuts are consumed at 9:30 if no deaths or combats are in sight.

The group was summoned to the home of Larry Daniels. (one person, Donavan) There had been an explosion at his home in the University district in West St. Louis. We had some discussion as to what kinds of munitions were possible to travel with. We pretty much had to go line by line through character inventories to clear out grenades, flash-bangs, and thermite charges. Once everyone was pared to their personal duty weapons, they managed to board their various flights and land in St. Louis. They were met by F.B.I. Special Agent In Charge, Louis Gaston. Gaston took our team via armored limousine to the scene of the ‘event’.

There had been a roaring party at Daniels’ place, with 6 call girls and 4 or more men in attendance. At about 1 AM, there was an explosion of some sort which killed nearly all in attendance. The only known survivor was US Senator DiTorrio. The team spent quite a bit of time investigating the house, grounds, and staff. There were two women who were partially displaced through solid objects, a wall in one case and a floor in another. The one woman had passed through the wall and was suspended, hanging, by her waist, hands on one side and feet on the other. Another call girls was hanging by her wrist from the ceiling of the guest study. Her wrist was actually merged with the joist and plaster of the ceiling of the room.

The team discovered that Daniels had an association with a crystal worshiping cult known as Enolsis. Daniels, a member of the board of directors of McDonnell-Douglas, also had ties with a man of dubious character named Ron Valiant. More recently, Daniels had been associating with a body builder named Doug Walters. “There seems to be some indication that he was involved in Iran Contra era arms running [needs clarification].” 

From the FBI file on Colonel Daniels:Graduated from Air Force Academy in Colo. Springs, CO. His eyesight was sub-par, however, and he wasn’t able to attend flight school. He worked in administration and procurement at the Pentagon. He was expected to go much higher than Colonel, however he got snapped up by MD after 21 years in the Air Force. Daniels was suspected of dealing arms during Iran-Contra but there was never an indictment during the Ollie North scandal. He kept his job with MD and continued to broker arms throughout South America and the Middle East. He has paid his taxes regularly and donated to veterans charities since mustering out of the service. Other than that, his life is undocumented since he left the service.

Regarding Enolsis: “Some facts rushed by me, so here is a synopsis that might or might not be accurate and we really should have had a handout for this anyhow:” 
Because of your excellent summary, I produced the following information to supplement your thorough notes and to clarify any of my mumblings or jumblings of narrative:

From the Wikipedia on Enolsis Foundation:

Enolsis’s founder was a second-rate science fiction writer named Herbert Price. Price began with a book called Inner Science, a sort of self-help, philosophy-of-life manual, which promised “to clear the reader’s mental landscape of all the clutter and detritus accumulated by modern materialistic life.” Despite being the founder of the Inner Science philosophy, Herbert Price was not known to be a follower of its tenants. The financial success of Inner Science led Price to create the Enolsis Foundation. Price resented the government’s “theft” of his hard-earned money. He figured the best way to avoid having to pay income taxes was to gain tax-exempt status by turning Inner Science from a philosophy into a religion.

Thus the Enolsis Foundation was created in 1978 and registered for tax exempt status. More books followed Inner Science, along with a selection of books, magazines, tapes, seminars, and workshops. By the late 1980’s, the Foundation’s assets were valued at over eleven million dollars, with over two hundred thousand members throughout the English speaking world. But, almost as soon as it was founded, the Enolsis foundation came under the scrutiny of the IRS. After an intense investigation and six years of legal battles, Enolsis lost its tax-exempt status in 1988.

Unable to keep the government “looters” out of his pockets, Price began to evade his taxes and took steps to protect himself and his organization from investigation and criticism. Fearing someone with the Foundation was leaking his financial skullduggery to the IRS, Price began a purge of the Foundation’s ranks. He had prominent Enolsis members and critics investigated. He launched numerous harassing lawsuits against the IRS, several major newspapers, The American Journal of Psychology, and other vocal critics of the Enolsis Foundation. Price’s ego and paranoia drove him to acquire the services of twenty-four law firms, ten private investigation firms, and even an in-house security service: The Stewards. The Stewards were Enolsis faithful (trained by private security firms) who were used to dig up dirt on, as well as threaten and intimidate, Enolsis’s rivals, critics, and competitors. Even more ambitious was Price’s use of the Stewards as moles to infiltrate newspapers, cult-awareness networks, groups in competition with Enolsis, and, in one infamous case, even the IRS. But it was Price’s grandest excess that was his undoing.

A group of mercenaries was hired and trained with Enolsis money in preparation for the day when more “direct” action against the Foundation’s enemies would be needed. The came in 1997, when a Steward was caught trying to buy automatic rifles from agents of the BATF. The Justice Department landed on Enolsis with everything under the sun: tax fraud, mail fraud, conspiracy to violate federal firearms laws, theft of government documents- all wrapped up with triple damages under the RICO statutes. Most of the indictments named Price and his inner circle of Stewards as the culprits. Price fled the country only hours ahead of indictments for tax evasion and conspiracy to violate federal firearms law. His whereabouts are the whereabouts of his considerable fortune remain unknown.

The scandal rocked Enolsis and caused membership to drop off dramatically. By 2000, membership had dwindled to less than ten thousand worldwide. In November of that year, Gene Downing was named executive director of the Enolsis Foundation’s governing board. Downing had been Enolsis European Director during the 1980’s and was insulated from the scandals of Price’s inner circle. Downing was a natural choice to succeed Price. He commanded great personal charisma and infused the Foundation with new energy and gave their philosophy new direction. It was Downing who introduced the use of crystals into the meditation exercises of Enolsis members.

Thanks to Downing’s influence, Enolsis is now based on a self-actualization/personal-development philosophy. According to this philosophy, the Enolsis student is the master of his own destiny, completely in control of his life and environment; if the Enolsis student is robbed at gunpoint, then, subconsciously, this must have been something the Enolsis student wanted to happen. Enolsis’s central philosophy incorporates aspects of existentialist style personal responsibility with the exploration of higher planes of consciousness. Gene Downing produces volumes of writings, DVD’s, CD’s, and other muti-media materials. He keeps an exhaustive lecture schedule. His tireless efforts to resurrect Enolsis have paid off. Old believers returned, and new members added their names to the rolls.

Today, Enolsis’s members rolls have grown to over 107,000 members throughout the English-speaking world. In 2007, Downing was given the title “The Living Power,” in recognition of his work for and spiritual guidance of Enolsis.

Regarding Ron Valiant: [Could use some clarification here as I was busy puzzling out something else at this time]. Ron Valiant has CIA files that we weren’t yet able to access. Agent Bandolier discovered that Valiant had some background with the CIA but Agent Bandolier didn’t have the necessary clearance to access the CIA database. The team sought to research further information on Ron Valiant but has yet to actually do so.

Regarding Senator DiTorrio: We badged our way into the senator’s room and interrogated him. While he was sleeping, he was blabbing, “My boy, my boy, no… He’s all I got… Safe… Danine…“[please confirm the accuracy of this, I was writing fast] Confirmed.

That is about it. We left off when our band of heroes returned to their hotel rooms at the Westin and watched the porno movies and listened to the .mp3. It was about 4 AM on the morning of Wednesday the 11th of February. Jack Huston and James Halperin were sharing a room. Raoul Bandoleir and Baxter Devans were sharing a room. Dirk Carver adn Lance Haines were sharing a room. Let me know if you guys have any further areas of investigation for the morning of the 11th. You guys are pretty darn Again, nice job on the summary. Maybe following up with ‘unresolved leads’ or some such thing…prioritized items for pursuit… My brain was pretty much cooked Friday night. I had that flash drive with me but I had also emailed the .mp3 to myself at one point, but didn’t think of it in the moment. …

Looking forward to our return to St. Louis.


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