New Age Part 2: Chapter 1 (6/15/12)

Here’s how it went down:

Dan and I were the first ones to the house. We had barely cracked a beer when Donavan showed up with a failed loaf of dead bread dough that hadn’t risen. He proceeded to fry some onions and make a sort of savory fried bread that was pretty darn good. We had left over pork and cole slaw and porked ourselves silly. We had no donuts.

Leif was a bit late, but not as late as feared. We got started, I think, about 6:30 or 7:00.

We tidied up some loose ends from the Friday before. Agent Halpert (Dan’s character) was still in the hospital after being lazed by the blue tentacled lightning gun.

We decided that the gun itself was in a sealed evidence bag as recovered by Agent Haines (Donavan).

Delta Green sent a skeleton crew to Tulsa to do some preliminary investigation and intel gathering. They were also reminded to go easy on civilians. They drove from St. Louis, arriving near midnight on Sunday night the 18th of Feb.

They explored the area a bit. Haines was dropped off at a watering hole near Enolsis HQ called the Kow Pasture. There he eavesdropped on the drinking locals and a local news crew. Seems the crew had plans to try to attain entry to the Enolsis compound at first light and beg, bargain, or steal to get an interview with Gene Downing, AKA The Living Power.

While Haines was knocking back a cold one, the other two agents took a drive by past the compound. It is in rural Oklahoma, about 10 miles outside Tulsa and near the main manufacturing facility for Whirlpool. Enolsis owns about 300 acres surrounded by a 9′ chain link fence. Several clustered buildings comprise the main structures of the compound in addition to a giant black pyramid. In the low clouds, with a soft snowy sleet falling, the bright light from the pyramids cap shone straight upward into the clouds. Dale Cox, Craig’s character, was also in tow but in a semi comatose, unattended PC state since Craig had yet to show. The team discovered an abandoned farm house near the main gate to Enolsis and contemplated setting up shop there – and also designated it as a safe house in case a rendezvous point was needed later.

No donuts still. I mean, none in the house even to tempt us.

Our group wanted to be there to see what happened with the news crew. They discovered that the crew was staying at the nearby ‘C’mon Inn’. Rather than awaken at a terribly early hour, the team flattened one of the tires of the crew’s van and set their wake up alarms for a more civilized hour. There were other plans discussed, of course, some of which involved explosives, some involved slashing all four tires of the van… the news crew got off easy and just had to change the one tire amidst the cold and blowing snow of an early February morning on the plains.

Off to the compound. The group watched as the news team was rejected at the gate. In the midst of their discussion with the gate watchperson, a hitchhiker showed up and was welcomed into the compound. This got the team’s mental cogs grinding and they began to contemplate some sort of infiltration activity. About then, a parade of several nicely painted and very new coaches left the compound. Our group set off in pursuit.

The buses spread to the four freeway winds. Our team followed one into downtown Tulsa where the driver and another person began proselytizing for those who might want to join. Agent Halpert was one of the first on the bus.

Agent Baxter Devans (Leif’s Character) and Haines began to acquire gear for a ‘bird hunting’ cover story and knowledge about ownership of adjoining lands, as well as the possibility of finding a home for rent or lease near Enolsis HQ.

The bus that Halpert was on spent some time at various locations around Tulsa, picking up the curious and the ‘joiners’ that society had to offer. He didn’t actually arrive back at Enolsis HQ until nearly 4:00 PM. Meanwhile he had made some friends on the bus with a businessman/executive/banker type, and a mom with two kids and some other fine (if not perhaps weak minded) citizens of Tulsa.

Halpert was warmed with a nice meal at Enolsis HQ on arrival. He was welcomed with a sincere embrace of friendship by The Living Power himself. Eventually they found their way inside the pyramid for their first prayer service and to receive their own ‘realizer’ crystals. During the service, many of those around Halpert were clearly moved and experienced some sort of epiphany. Halpert faked it as best he could but didn’t actually experience such.

Later, in his assigned dorm room, he set his iPhone to awaken him at 3 AM for soem covert explorations.

Meanwhile, Haines and Devans tied down the rental of a nearby ranch house to serve as a team base. They journeyed into the fields around the house with their guns and gear for some bird hunting. They were also porting a quad-copter surveillance device. Devans tagged a nice double on a brace of quail. In the darkening light, they cut a hole in the chain link. They also sent their copter gathering intel. They flew around the base. They watched The Living Power work on some email through the windows of the cap of the pyramid. Also noticed that a FedEx ground truck delivered a lot of freight to a warehouse type building.

Somewhere in here, Dale Cox became noticeably more active – Craig arrived.

He brought Ice-Cream. We ate them immediately. Did I mention there were no donuts.

They called it a night somewhere after this point.

The next morning, Halpert woke up late. He had evidently missed his alarm. He felt like absolute hell. Worse hang over ever. Horrible head ache. After some discussion about the volume and reliability of iPhone alarms, he tried to make the most of the morning with some coffee and breakfast. It didn’t help much. He spent the day working in the ‘garage’ helping to fix a four-wheeler and assisting in the shop.

Agent Cox decided his efforts might be best spent doing some recon from within Enolsis as well.

Devans and Haines were surprised.

Cox assumed an alternate idently as a hunter who was taken with the inspiration to come to Enolsis mid hunt. He tried to sneak in a taser in his boot, but the way the gate guard interrogated him on the subject of weapons, he got nervous and returned to the bus where he hid it. He was welcomed similarly to Halpert, although he went with the whole prayer instructions and had his own epiphany. He really had a moment of exquisite pleasure and a complete inundation of extasy.

I think soon after this, Devans was on the floor for a while in a meditative trance.

Somewhere in here, Halpert or Cox discovered that the ‘freight’ was actually cases of crystals delivered from all over the world. They came from other Enolsis facilities. At night, they were to be moved by hand cart into the pyramid. Halpert decided to help out. After the crystals were loaded into the pyramid, he decided to hang out in the warehouse – which also housed the compound’s generators.

It was about now that the winds changed in the mind of Halpert. He decided to ‘kick the hornet’s nest’ and see what happens. Despite the presence of video cameras inside and outside the generator building/warehouse, Halpert decided to sabotage the generators. He was mid-sabotage when two personnel entered the facility demanding that Halpert desist. Halpert broke out through a ventilation panel but got tagged in the neck by a dart from some sort of Enolsis security agent. He rolled a 99 and landed in a heap, face first, in the snow and slush of an Oklahoma night.

Meanwhile, Cox was getting a bit edgy in his dorm room. He decided to go for a walk. Outside. he ran into a couple of Enolsis personnel. They had a brief interchange and as Cox really wanted to go for a walk – they evidently thought there might be other motivations so suggested that perhaps he might want to talk with The Living Power.

They had a back and forth at the top of the pyramid. Gene and Agent Cox. Would agent Cox like to identify his unconscious friend? Cox yielded nothing but finally said that he’d take the unidentified person with him, just to keep him safe. Cox was submitted to a lecture from Downing about how the government was persecuting its citizens, crushing their rights, and killing their freedoms. Cox and Halpert were photographed and finally loaded into the County Sherriff’s car.

Cox, speaking with the Glass discovered that Sherriff Glass was interested in the plight of these two FBI agents. He never liked those Enolsis folks, but more importantly, if anything big were to be going down in his county, he wants to be involved in it. Especially anything involving the Feds.

As Cox administered aid to Halpert he discovered very fine suture marks fully healed yet barely visible around the scalp and neck of Halpert.

I think that is where we more or less ended the night’s session.

Looking forward to this coming Friday.


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