Note from Agent Halpert: (7/6/12)

Message from Agent Halpert:

Status report and recommendations for continued investigation and battle against Enolsis. Jim Halpert, FBI, currently under self imposed quarantine.

I write this from an old bank vault in the basement of what used to be the Oklahoma Farmer’s Bureau Bank. It no longer has the correct specs to be useful in the function of a vault, but with its steel and concrete walls, and meager ventilation, it will serve as an adequate holding cell for me.

I am infected, or I should say, surgically implanted with, the same pink shit that the Tennessee town had amongst most of its citizenry. This type of thing does not go well usually. The results are unpredictable, unpredictable in the sense of how one will be fucked. I consider myself a detriment to the team. At the moment my thoughts are my own, at least I think they are. I hope the notes following serve some good for the rest of A-cell and Delta Green.

Events of last few days:

The main events started the previous evening. I had entered the compound as a convert/volunteer.  I thought my cover was good, in retrospect it must have been blown or revealed at some point during my stay on the compound. I highly suspect that the individual named Steve (aka gate keeper) has the ability to read thoughts and mentally scan people. In any case, after awakening the next morning I found that besides a splitting headache, rotten gut and feeling like I had been run over by a truck, I had experienced a definite loss of time. Besides this, my iPhone alarm did not go off. I also discovered that at least three other men had suffered the same fate. One wore an analog watch which was 4 hours short of time.

Did the watch enter some zone where time does not flow normally? Or did the Enolsis folk just set it back to fuck with us? In any case, my head now has the faintest of surgical scars and I have the pink. The ability to leave so little a scar after pink implant is beyond modern medicine. Clearly alien workings abound at the Enolsis center.

As far as those blasted realizer crystals. They are coming in by the thousands every day. My best guess is that these crystals have been imbued with human psychic energy, and they are conduits into another realm or are partly sentient themselves. After careful investigation with a geophysics lab in St. Louis, University scientists found nothing with them. Yet they are being shipped to Enolsis central, and for a purpose. Every night they are brought into the temple. All that psychic energy is being stored in the pyramid.

No good will come of this.

Also, merely because they want it, we should stop it. Basic rule right there.
Find some bureaucratic way to fuck them up. Agriculture rules, traces of radioactivity, whatever it takes. How about fake crystals that look the same and swap them out at the Fed Ex facility in Tulsa? A friendly federal judge should be helpful there. Send them dummy uncharged crystals. If they are not charged and this bothers them, then it proves the charging hypothesis pretty quickly. Or just swap the ones coming out of Enolsis with the ones going in. No charge at all. Just an idea.

As far as the layout of the Enolsis compound goes it is maddeningly simple. At least on the surface.

There is a weak point on the compound. The generator building. The fuel tanks are outside of the generator building. Fuel. Enough said chaps.
As far as buildings go, however, I did not see anything out of the ordinary. In my one day there, I spent a considerable amount of time in the “barn” building. Workshop with several tools, nothing special. I did not have enough time or opportunity to examine the Pyramid. The upper chambers serve as Gene Downing’s personal chambers and undoubtedly need to be examined further. Could you guys get a parachutist to land on the top and infiltrate the pyramid during the prayer service in the evenings, when the leader is not present?

What lies beneath the pyramid. It has some foundation to it, how deep? What if its actually some sort of octahedron? The underside of the pyramid could be a mirror of the top. Could be. Go in heavy and start shooting those fuckers. Drive a fuel truck next to the generator building and torch it.

Oh, one last fuck you to Enolsis and spin of the media dice for me. It was clear that Gene Downing was going to use Haines and my detainment as a means of embarrassing our agencies and Government. I Was able to get this bad blonde color out of my hair by coloring it my normal shade, and set up a remote interview with an old friend from a London (actually Sussex) morning TV show. The interview places me in London yesterday with a solid alibi. That interview will run tomorrow morn over there (just an hour or two more). It should seriously throw into doubt any possibility that I Was here in Tulsa. At least it will make Downing look like an ass. I had some choice gems for him in the interview.

Anyway, the next steps are yours. One of the reasons I have placed myself here in this vault is fear of what I might become. We saw first hand and by video what happens to the pink-ified people. I don’t want to hurt anyone, or be used by those freaks. Sherif Sonny helped me get set up here. I chatted with him a bit immediately after you guys left my Sheraton room. He lost a brother to the Enolsis cult years ago, and a fiancee. Kind of messy. Anyway, he has his own motivations for taking out this cult, and right now, he’s what we have in Tulsa in terms of friendlies. I have taken the initiative and gave him this briefing as well as some background on previous activities. He did not blink an eye. How much weird shit has he seen? I trust him. Hope you do too.

I have enough food for a week, water, and a drain to piss in. Enough books to read, until I can’t stand it anymore. I also have few bottles of pain pills. Nice huh? Oh, and some goddamn’ed Merlot. Could not find any Cab. Tulsa fuckers.

Good Luck guys, if you kill the slime pool, get me the fuck out of here.



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