Agent Bandolier’s Notes Pre-Finale (7/20/12)

2011 Feb 21 Wednesday
08h00 Discussion  
The trajectory of the object known as Nemesis has been further refined. It appears to be altering course from initial projections and appears to be on a near intercept path with Earth. Disasters and cataclysms will follow. Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) has dubbed the object “Kali”.
The rate of acquisition of new followers at Enolsis is increasing rapidly. The cult is bringing in new people by the busload.

08h30 Team regroup and commence research in downtown Tulsa
Property records confirm that Enolsis owns no other properties in the vicinity of their pyramid compound. Blue Hawaiian Construction Co. is owned by Enolsis however, and BHCC owns three industrial lots in Tulsa.

Baxter Davins (USAMRIID) acquired a live, virulent sample of Norovirus from Laura Davison, a willing confidante back at the USAMRIID facility in Ft. Detrick, MD.

09h00 Industrial Properties 

One property was empty except for rubble. One was an apparently defunct pipe storage yard. Various kinds of pipe still present, but not interesting.

The third property had a metal warehouse. We explored to find only tire tracks from some vehicle with very large tires. Those tracks were fresh but there were no other signs. A nearby natural gas plant shared their security videos with us, and we were able to identify the vehicles as four olive drab South African Warthogs. They departed on 19 Feb. Reviewing back 30 days (all the security tape available) did not show any other activity. Conclusion- the warthogs were in long term storage until two days ago.

11h00 Tulsa FBI

Raoul met Archie Baldwin, local FBI chief. The local shop is small (5 agents). One field operative is undercover inside Enolsis. He went in as an alleged convert and is due to come out on 22 Feb. 11h00 Sonny Glass

With the self-sequestering agent Halpert no longer active, Sheriff Sonny Glass has stepped in. His first action was to contact a seismic survey crew to get a look at the subsurface geology beneath Enolsis. The crew was willing and spent the afternoon deploying sensors and charges.

13h00 Federal Express

Walter Kasoto, a Bosnian delivery driver was interviewed. Fed-Ex has been making lots of deliveries to Enolsis, and recently the deliveries have stepped up and there have been pick-ups recently as well. The deliveries take the form of cardboard boxes, each with four large quartz-like crystals and packing materials. The same boxes are going out, but in this case with semi-regular cubic rocks of a basaltic nature. One box of crystals was seized. Mr. Kasoto was threatened and bribed with $200.

2011 Feb 22 Thursday

08h00 Seismic Shot and FBI agent

The shot went well. The crew took the data back to analyze it. We kept a copy in order to have it independently analyzed for confirmation. At same time we got word that Ms. Delveccio (NBC) had found undercover FBI agent J. Allen in a ditch with partial amnesia. On a 0-10 scale of protomatter exposure (0 showing clean and 10 indicating “Scroat-level” contamination), agent Allen was Pink-6. He also had the same microsutures on his scalp that agent Halpert had after his infiltration.

At this time Baxter intercepted a food shipment and inoculated it heavily with norovirus. Agent Allen was taken to the hospital for examination and then sent into quarantine. CAT scans indicated that his skull had been opened and the bones re-fused.


We set up internet contest (prize $4,000) for independent visualization of the seismic survey data. We also took a charged crystal to a mineral scientist at the nearby university. We got a recommendation from the seismic crew. He told us that the crystal was indeed quartz, but had a higher than usual vibrational energy. The rocks were just rocks.


Txt msg from Louis Gaston reads, “prob at st Louis, HQ suspect compromise” My notes here suck balls and I am unclear of the interpretation of what I wrote. Does this mean FBI HQ? In St. Louis only? Delta Green HQ? I further wrote down, “Kali trajectory continues to be sucko.” I believe I remember that that information was also from Gaston, and that this is when we learned that the Earth approach of Kali will be at its closest in 4 months, and will be close enough to strip away our moon.

17h30 Seismic Results from Boulder Student

Some little fucker at UC Boulder was the first to respond with a visualization. His interpretation shows a 20 to 50 meter diameter cavern about 100 meters beneath the Enolsis compound. The visualization is too crude to show exact size and location.

I contacted the Hawaii observatory for more info on Kali. They wouldn’t answer any questions, and told me that they were under orders to brief only two people at NSA: Ray Barrett and his advisor (name unknown).

Later that night

An FBI psychologist examined agent Allen. He dredged up some memories as follows:

-The agent was incapacitated with a gaseous agent in his room.

-He was tortured in a high humidity chamber. He mentioned choking on the humidity.

-He has a slight recollection of surgery being performed on his head.

-He had earlier been caught trying to follow Enolsis members when they were transporting crystals into the pyramid.

Much later that night

Two of us tried to stealth onto Enolsis grounds. We were caught and forced to retreat.

2011 Feb 23

Friday Morning at Tulsa FBI

We tested all local agents for protomatter. Agent Lyons tested Pink-8. There was no sign of how he got infected. All other local FBI seem clean. I was forced to explain a bit about protomatter, which extended to a general description of our doings from Tennessee on. This was recorded and the FBI personnel were skeptical. Video of Hope was shown as evidence.

Agent Cox hacked into Enolsis through their internet server but the files were not interpretable. Enolsis’ chartered “Clear Skies” express train is bringing a huge load of people from the west coast. The compound is getting stuffed.

Widespread sickness at Enolsis. Gene Downing allegedly curing people.


We acquired a search warrant to search Enolsis for materials and evidence related to terrorist activities. The warrant was weak, but enough to get us on the property. We were immediately approached by Steve Moseley (Pink-9) and we took him and the gate guard into custody. Mr. Moseley is believed to have demonstrated psychic mind-reading powers previously.

There may be some confusion about the events but I’ll try and be chronological as I understood things.

– We entered the parking lot in our Tahoe. Gene Downing came out to talk. There were tons of reporters at the gate (as usual) and he indicated that civil rights lawyers were on their way to protect Enolsis’ rights. At some point he tried to let the press into the compound but we squashed that.

-We entered the Freight Storage Building (FSB), where Fed-Ex shipments are stored. There were lots of boxes of rocks set to go out.

-We entered the Welcoming Building (WB) which is the dining facility downstairs and office upstairs. We seized all computers and servers and put them in the Tahoe.

-We entered the Security Building (SB). Security video was checked. Enolsis members spotted moving boxes into the pyramid from SB.

-We ran to intercept, but the members were leaving the pyramid when we got there and the hand trucks were empty. They denied having boxes.

-A detailed search of the pyramid revealed nothing. No boxes.

-An Enolsis member in the SB was caught deleting security video of the event. He was arrested for obstruction. Security back up tapes show nothing of inside the pyramid except during sermons. All security stuff was seized. We called in the local FBI to bring more trucks to carry stuff.-Bugs were planted in the FSB, SB, and pyramid.

-The gate man, Steve Moseley, Gene Downing, and the security man who erased the tape were all taken into custody.

-The local FBI guys were cheesed off to have been excluded from the mission. We blew them off.

-All other buildings were searched to no avail. The dorms were full of sick people.


Gene Downing was interrogated by Officer Doyle, a mentally negligible cop under Sheriff Glass. Doyle was told off to beat some info out of the terrorist Downing. Downing managed to talk him into a stupor and partially convince him that he was right and we were wrong.

22h00 Surveillance Video

Enolsis Aryans pile boxes of crystals against the walls in the pyramid.

2011 Feb 24 Saturday

02h00 Surveillance Video

One Aryan enters pyramid alone. He does a perimeter check, then leaves. Shortly after the camera signal goes dead.

06h00 Surveillance Video

The camera signal is re-acquired. Same pyramid interior is visible, but the boxes are different. Presumably charged crystals were exchanged for dead rocks.


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