Tanarii Talks

You had a parlay with Ambassador Kadinghira of the Tanarii and his adjutant, Marshall Kagigorghira.

They came offering the following:

The terms of our relationship with the forces you refer to as Zaghlool have become nullified and at this time, we are informing Zaghlool that we are no longer members of that alliance – though we may revere the same source of power – the approach of those forces is more chaotic than anticipated. It squandered our forces at Karakulthar and failed to do its utmost to support our command in meaningful actions, and failed to oblige our agreements.

  1. Kagigorghira began with, “we seek to understand your command structures – titles, memberships, participations and realms of authority – who speaks for Nabatum?”  Arcturas stood up.
  1. Wheras we informed his lordship King Arsinor IV 26 days ago we are unsure as to whom to communicate with in our desire for armistice.
  1. The purpose of this discussion would be to lay out the arrangements for a discussion on the terms of armistice between our two peoples. Our troops will leave the fields of battle and existing lands and prisoners disposed of … how?
  1. Propose to consolidate our borders and titled lands along the line south of the Karalaktura River.

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