Azhir’s Eye – Morthil’s Pearl


It should also be mentioned that much interest continues to center around an item in Ned’s possession – Azhir’s Eye, also known as Morthil’s Pearl. Made from the eye of Zaghlool’s one love and cut from her by Joronen – hand and blade – it was crafted into the powerful orb it now is by Gith sorcerors. Somehow it was obtained by the Illithid Morthil and from him by Azhir Kren. And from Azhir’s tomb it came to Ned Kindly. It’s reappearance has caught the attention of Morthil, and his Gith enemies of old.

The Eye affords some protection to the bearer with an aura of non-detection. As well, it allows the user to scry with enhanced powers on distant targets – and even on occasion can be used as a portal across great distances and dimensions. However, the Eye misleads at times and the source of these deceptions remains to be determined.


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