Geier Meneleis – Druid of the Floating Forest

Deep in a chamber within Shothragot – you ran into a wounded and beaten man dressed in tattered and charred robes of the deepest blue and darkest green.

Do I recall correctly that you found him in a room with a large magical wall, a gate or portal – which was closed and unopenable?

Geier said he came from from the floating forest, Carceri, also known as “the world between.” Within that world he said “I come from Colothys, the palace of branches.”

He named this thing Shothragot, known to his people as the Herald of the Elder Evil, the all consuming blind maggot of darkness and a worm of old – and one of the children of the dark fear, Zaghlool

“The worms of the earth are his children and this is his seed – a dark cradle and somewhere within – his spawn seeks to escape..”

 “It has a belly full of followers – they sought to ride it as it finally acquired its eye and cast the sigil into the sky…its eye is made up of lenses, hundreds of dark lenses and without those it is blind.  … Oh, and full of emissaries from far off worlds and places, but Shothragot is too hungry and bloated to care, it is deaf to them all, and now, with the sigil, they too are trapped within.”

“We must find is inner eye and destroy the hundreds of facets…its followers have offered it the sacred eyes and now it comes  forth to announce the rise of its father…” 

“In this effort, I have lost some friends here as well… Geal, my brother, and my Sister Cousin Amburiel.”



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