Meanwhile, in Na’Batum….

It was but a short time ago that a giant blister grew across the Rouanna River south of Na’Batum, and in the dark hour you discovered Joronen’s shame, a great black beast arose from the waters of Ul’Batum, strode across the walls (falling them) and tore open the blister revealing a half formed child of Zaghlool. It was pale and translucent, with many legs half formed, many mouth parts and a large maggot like curl of an abdomen sack. The black beast ripped the son from its blister burrow and bit it behind the many eyed head-like end, ripping it asunder and howling in triumph – both were consumed in blue fire as they appeared to descend into the blister burrow – leaving a great crater of the fields.

Almost simultaneously Fendamar announced to the people of Na’Batum that he had saved them from the blister horror. On Fendamar’s appearance in Sil’Batum – a new horror appeared and threatened Donan Gazmak and the Joronians – with blue fire Fendamar stepped in and saved the cowering clergy.

Now, Fenadamar, Royal Magus and Supreme Blue Wizard, rules Na’Batum as Regent in the name of infant King Arsinor VII, son of King Arinos and Queen Helene Tulasamon. In the service of Fendamar, are the Drogue, Ward Ticameron, and the two Margraves, Lothian Os Var, and Evian Os Na’Gens.

After your successful raid against the Drogue payroll shipment, former Margrave, now Viscount and Lord Chancellor Cassilis Na’Sarta has secured the loyalty of Drogue within and without Na’Batum – though the strong hand of the Drogue, Heergus Broden, still reports to Fendamar – openings have been made and Broden likely can be counted on. With Na’Sarta also stands most of what remains of the Wards, including: Teikhon, Komnenos, and Kemen.

Heergus Broden is the leader of the Jugulbanda and Ashuri clans of Drogue. He and his Drogue have taken residence in ‘The Cobbles’ and set up their administration in a former elegant bath house – with a warning that soon the Drogue and Bandar will have their spawning.

Heergus Broden

Heergus Broden

The Joronians are broken, and none has faith in Joronen any longer. Gazmak is in apparent mourning – he walks amongst his flocks, bringing food and water to the suffering and tending where possible.

The citizens of Na’Batum have largely put their faith in Fendamar. Rumor has it that the council of nobles, the royal chambers, may soon share power with a council of elected citizens.

All of this was the case until the Oynbokigon appeared bearing Shothragot – Herald of the Elder Evil, the Ebon God, the Living Darkness.

Now Na’Batum cowers in fear once again.


2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in Na’Batum….

  1. Urien

    We had a scene on the wall of the city, before flying up towards the Oynbokigon. We were aided by one of the blue wizards with flying spells. So presumably the blue wizards know where we are. I was under the impression that one of the brothers of Iowe knew where we were going as did one of the friendly factions of city ward bosses.

    Among those sending us off there was a mix of feelings between good riddance and regret that we were off to our doom. Still the city is completely screwed unless we succeed. As usual.

    1. oguthrie Post author

      I’m glad you remembered this. It comes back to me as well now that you mentioned it. I’m sure Na’Sarta knew you guys were off to attempt to determine the nature of this thing and then to try and destroy it – also, Brother Robus (and Tagin) of the Brotherhood of Iowe would have known you guys were off to do an Iowe on this thing.

      I had forgotten that the Blue Wizards helped you get up there with some flying. That makes sense, they’re happy to send you off to die – er, heroically attack the Oynbokigon.

      Yes, the city and perhaps much more is at risk if you all don’t succeed.


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