Shothragot – The Harbinger

Greetings Gentlemen,

We left off with you all high over the plains south of Na’Batum, across the Rouanna River. You had infiltrated a giant flying orb of filth known as or containing the being known as Shothragot – The Harbinger. The giant rolling orb was covered in suppurating mouth like openings leaking black fetid goo. As the excreta fell to earth, about 500 feet below, a gargantuan corpse golem was raised on the fields of recent battles. Its huge form composed of thousands of dead and somehow animated by the dark evil of the dripping orb.

Above the orb, in the sky, a great glyph of green flame lit the heavens. It interfered with nearly all conjuration spells, and utterly blocking the influence of Iowe.

Together, the glyph, the orb, and the golem slowly drew nearer to the collapsed wall of Ul’Batum and eventually greater Na’Batum.

You remember the following description as you flew up to the orb:

The massive, spinning ball of glistening darkness hangs in the air, slowly drifting through the firmament and towards Na’Batum. Its surface writhes as if alive, and its foul fluid wars with waves of mud. Toxic fumes vent into the air. Plumes of black fire scorch the sky.

And then, as you approached…

…a shuddering valve, fleshy in appearance, opens onto a dim passageway into the form’s interior. Spilling forth from the wound is a torrent of bright purple fluid, which rains down on the monstrosity far below. 

The exterior was covered in acid, within, walls and chambers would blister and exude horrible creatures from wounds and ruptures. There were hard bristle-like hairs lining passageways – and always noxious fumes and beads of acid sweat oozing from the porous walls. The air is laden with the stench of rot and decay. Each chamber is a new vista of horror, twisted and corrupt, born from some horrible place, or some horrible mind bent on a dark dream.


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