Felkin Darvis – Land Steward and Death Dealer

Felkin has the unique distinction of being the only member of our group of heroes who has never been separated from his soul – Felkin has never died.

The oppression of the land has been hardest on Felkin – the scourge of Halfa Grass, the relentless heat and drought. Raised to think this was normal, once it dawned on Felkin that blighted areas like Mogadore, and the Kathivargh Mountains, even Dun Alden and environs – all are abominations of their former natural potential. Being naturally a wanderer in the wilderness, this land-curse affects Felkin the most.

Many find their connections in those who are suffering, Felkin is out to cleanse the land Рand some of the scourge is human. And in that cleansing, Felkin with a bow is a machine to be reckoned with. Death from afar РFelkin is a foe you do not want.

It is no surprise that Felkin’s destiny is tied to the health of the land and the sanctuary of Ilyana Batum’s tower at Karakulthar.

It is hard to really put words to it but an inkling of this phenomenon can be gained from the following footage … Crow the Elf from Hawk the Slayer about 17 or 20 seconds in.


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