Nobo – Mountain Man, Handy with an Axe

Nobo is still reveling in his victory in the Kathivargi-Magh over Angun Nasomtaqua, God of Shadow-Fear. He is confident that his quest, as interpreted from the Oracle, has been fulfilled. He reclaimed the temple of light and lifted the reign of darkness.


Afterwards, he and his comrades journeyed to Na’Batum (if you can call Ned’s teleportation journeying) to see what can be achieved against the great swirling blackness that approaches Na’Batum in the sky. It is an understatement to say that Nobo is uncomfortable with the idea of flying up into this great orb – but as long as he can stand within – OK. Once inside, all was again darkness, fear, and things that should not be. For one with Nobo’s background – opportunity around every corner.

He never imagined such events might come to pass when, as a boy, he was captured by D’Oktakar warriors. Nobo’s village was destroyed, and he was taken from all that was familiar. Magic was nearly unknown and greatly feared by him and his people – and now he has seen what evils it can bring – but also its power for good. Still – it doesn’t much compare to skill at arms – such skills can’t be bent and corrupted the way magic can – much safer to count on ones own hand, and to stand beside those worthy fighters he has met who also have proved worthy friends.


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