Account of the Battle of Karakulthar

Iyaweh knows we are faithful servants. Yet we had no hope of victory in open engagement with Zaghlool. In desperation, we thought to bring the lines of battle to the enemy and surprise him with daylight on our side. At dawn we stood at the brink of the pit of the world, waiting and ready to heap destruction upon his forces. The dark one, Zaghlool had forseen our coming however and the sun never rose. The coming dawn was but a trick to lure us close, and then darkness fell. Had we but found the Light of Eleya, victory would have been ours, but instead, his teeming hordes set loose in our ranks and we were massacred. Kom, with the use of Azhir’s arrows was able to collapse several of the enemies avenues and purchase time for some of our numbers to retreat…I worked the great light of Iyaweh to blind and sear our opponents and Azhir burned them from our path. Yet we were pursued across the plains by the fastest of his ranks, the chittering spawn of Chechelon, and Zaghlool’s winged terrors. We were to have hardly any time to prepare for the great last battle on the plains near Karakulthar. It was then that Ilyana’s idea and purpose became clear to us all, may Iyaweh look after her soul. She sought to turn the webs of Zaghlools lies and treachery against him. Ilyana risked all to approach and counsel with Chechelon under a fell disguise that thankfully she spared us from.

By Iyaweh, I fear for her soul by this action. Chechelon listened and then consumed Ilyana’s life fluids, may Iyaweh curse and damn the Dark Queen’s many legs and thousand eyes. Yet Ilyana’s whisperings convinced the Dark Queen to act just as Zaghlools own darkness spread about the walls of Karakulthar. There she descended on Zaghlool and betrayed and stung him.  And so, Iyaweh’s will was revealed and Zaghlool fell. His dark children bore him from the battle, back to the pit from which he rose. Azhir and I have decided that if we survive this last battle, we shall build a monument of sanctuary in her honor. We shall build it of tall stones on the spot where Chechelon consumed her life, and it shall bear the tale of her heroic deeds on our long quest. In her honor and as Iyaweh wills, it shall be a sacred place of great peace and will contain her wonderment at life and be dedicated to all living things.

….We make for Tharbatha fortress. Chechelon was unable to gather the scattered forces of the enemy quickly enough to continue to press the attack, Iyaweh be praised. We make our escape to the mountain hold to make our last defense. Curse her many legs, she will follow and drive Zaghlools host after us.  Azhir, Kom and I, Kulag Haarkun feel confident that though greedy enough to consume the great oceans themselves, and terrible in her treachery, and horrible in her wrath, the dark Queen is no commander of armies. She will throw her forces against Tharbatha hastily and without planning…this we hope will be her downfall. She does not yet expect that our friends the Borogomagian and our mountain allies, the giants of Tharbatha Pass have been called to aid our defense. Iyaweh willing, we shall put an end to this darkness and then, perhaps Kom and I will seek the hole containing Zaghlool’s remains and rid this earth of his darkness once and for all.


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