Platinum Tablets of Methlaghalzhul

Mighty Joronen, filled with righteousness, sought evil where it hid.
He went hunting for the darknesses in the deeps.
And in the deepest foulest pit, He clove open the earth and revealed none other than the mate of the Outsider.
And His Father loved Him.

With his first blow he did cut the eye from the hand of the great she demon Proserpine and she was blinded.
Mighty Joronen cut the heads from the blinded Proserpine and butchered her there, in the dark.
He dragged her portions bit by bit into the light of day, so she would never come again.
And his Father loved Him.

And that is how Joronen slew the Outsider’s mate and companion and kept her all-seeing eye as his trophy.
But the Outsider grew darker in his pain, and sought Joronen’s coveted treasure in return.
And the Lord of Darkness decieved Eleya and stole her unknowing and fearless heart in revenge for his Proserpine.

And that is how Joronen lost his love.
He tore his hair and rent his clothes and his tears filled the rivers and valleys.
In sorrow he sought to recover Eleya’s light, her immortal heart, and to wreak vengeance on the darkness that stole it.
He wore only the hair shirt and took only his sword when he set out to seek vengeance.
And His Father loved Him.

He journeyed beyond the Tanarii hills to the pits at the end of the world.
Long was his beard when at last he began his descent.
Sweeping white flames of wrath all about him, he slew all that crawled there in the dark. He called for the Lord of Darkness.
And taunted him with the Eye of Proserpine his love.
And His Father loved Him.

On producing the eye, Joronen sought to distract the Outsider and to retrieve his Sister’s heart.
But, the Outsider did frown and look deep into Joronen
And Joronen was taken with fear, and he did hide himself.
And His Father loved Him, for He knew Him true and called Him his own.

And the Outsider did laugh and his laughter was terrible and the dark caverns did fall open.
The children of the Outsider did come and mock Joronen as he cowered and wept.
And Bellias, a son of the Outsder and beloved of Proserpine did retrieve his mother’s eye from Joronen, defiling him and mocking him in his pain.
And the Outsider was pleased to have his lover’s eye. He put it beside his throne upon the ark of Eleya’s heart.

And Joronen looked upon the dim casket and wished he had the courage and strength to retrieve the heart, but, he did not.
Yet, Ioweh loved Joronen still, for when Joronen was born; his heart bore the shadow of mortal fear where his sister’s was free of all darkness.
The Outsider peered deeply into his lover’s eye and his laughter was redoubled.

The Outsdier allowed Joronen to crawl up from the deep as the earth trembled with his laughter.
Such was the suffering of Joronen that he found a low place to hide in a fetid wallow.
He ate nothing but the small things which crawled in the reeking mud.
It was the warmth of the rising sun, the love of his Father from which Joronen found strength.

Through His tears He spied upon the great eastern mountains the light of Dawn.
And He felt His Father’s love and moved towards it, and away from the laughing deep.
For days and weeks and months Joronen crawled and drug himself each day toward the Dawn.
And still His Father loved Him for He knew Him true.

Upon reaching this high peak, on looking out and being absorbed with the Light, he wept mightily.
The Sylarian took pity on the wrecked personage and sought to ease his pain.
With their help this great shrine was built, the monument to Joronen’s sorrows.
And here he did live out his days, by the light of his Father’s love and within the confines of the Temple of Sorrows.
But Ioweh loved Joronen still, for He knew Him true, and forgave him his failure.


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