On Tintibulium – The Lifting Spice


Possession of the Tintibulium didn’t come easily to the group. After intercepting a plot by the Blue Wizards, our heroes forged a fragile alliance with the Mountain Giants and defeated the Company of the Shining Stone: Verrek, Murt, Gistrontal, and Taragana. They then fought their way deep within the innermost chambers of Harseth the Neverlost’s final resting place.

Within the forgotten chambers, Harseth’s refining apparatus had churned away over many centuries loading the ceiling of the tomb with a massive growth of Tintibulium crystals. The lifting nature of this “Lifting Spice” was deeply troubling to the Mountain Giants. They allowed our heroes to transport the crystals to an old favorite haunt, the canyon tombs of Shuul Kulhar. Using The Eye, the crystals were transported to a secret tomb for safe keeping and far from the reaches of Zaghlool and the knowledge of the Blue Wizards.

Tintibulium has a relative lifting power near the opposite of lead, or nearly 800 lbs. per cubic foot. The total volume within Harseth’s tomb was on the order of a dozen cubic yards. It remains unclear what the Blue Wizards wanted this for, but they were paying The Company of the Shining Stone handsomely for its retrieval. The question now is what, if anything, to do with it.


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