Manuscript Fragments – On the Eastern Lands

Fragments from the travels of Tauden Kabale, discovered in the Library of Ul’Batum by Ned Kindly. 

“Our ship was broken on the north shore of Samadhi Bay. We headed west on foot over the Kathivargi-Magh (Kathivargh Mountains) toward home. Many of our men did not survive the high pass but we came down in the land called Mogadore and found it to be a rainy land inhabited by a fair-skinned folk who call themselves Sylarian, or “people of the wood. There are valleys of deep soft forests and the highlands are fresh and covered with sweeping grasslands, and flowering meadows.”

“We fought a battle along side them against their enemies, a dark-skinned race inhabiting the hills descending toward the distant sea. The dark skinned warriors worshipped a dark god with a spider-like visage they call Marghul-Toa.”

“The Sylarian people are crafters of great renown and they worked in concert with the Child of Iowe to build his monument upon the hill – crafting such structures as was their custom of grand and beautiful proportions – and inscribing his tale on plates of the white gold with which the temple was adorned.”


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