2 thoughts on “Boom Goes The King! (9/27/13)

  1. Leif

    I keep meaning to grab my notes so I can write a more coherent and comprehensive reply, then always forget. So here is the details from memory.

    Granyard was the illegitimate half brother to Sir George Thompson, a fact discovered by Sir George when Granyard served in the unit commanded by Sir George. Sir George had by this time discovered certain artifacts which led him down a dark road and corrupted his moral fiber such as it was initially.

    Sir George with a taste for power sought to bind a power to his bidding and selected Hastur as his candidate. He then commissioned the expedition to discover the statue artifact which increased his ability to summon and bind Hastur, it also led to the demise of the entire party, save for the sole head of the expedition, with whom you enjoyed a chat in the asylum. Meanwhile Sir George had been trying to find children to use as conduits to channel POW from the crowd to funnel to his end in order to ensure he could bind Hastur.

    Interestingly his niece showed the greatest facility, yet his full brother, mistaking the interest as sexual in nature had banned Sir George from the estate and any further contact. So Sir George commissioned Granyard to set fire to the house and destroy the family, while posing as the gardener and then delivering the niece into the safekeeping of Sir George. The real groundskeeper was killed in the fire as well, and Sir George bribed the police investigators to cover it up using the story that the gardener and his brother and sister in law were engaged in some sort of sexual tryst at the time. The corrupt cops cared little for the reasons why, they simply took the money and ran, for a time.

    Sir George then set up Granyard with the school to search for other children that might have similar talents. Granyard was becoming tired of being the puppet and secretly was hoping for a more active role. Sir George, never one to trust a fellow conspirator was using the janitor Burkes as his spy. Knowing that Granyard was going to double cross him he had Burkes substitute the forged copy of the book with the summoning spell.

    Granyard true to form stole the statue along with Victoria, and set out to summon and bind Hastur using the combined POW of the crowd which had been summoned through use of a special powder released during the acrobatic show you all attended. Unbeknownst to him he was actually performing a ritual of possession, which allowed Hastur to assume his form and roam the earth, albeit in a form that did not allow for the full use of its powers.

    Sir George then staged a “rescue” having ensured the Burkes would actually whisk away Victoria and the fake book and statue back to the underground dungeon at the school. The dessicated corpses were left over from Granyard draining their POW in preparation for the ceremony.

    The possession did not work entirely as planned, some bit of the POW loaded Granyard still existed and helped to direct and guide actions of Hastur. It was Burkes who was destroyed in Granyard’s house, after he had tried to shoot the creature Granyard had become, which as you all later realized when you attempted the same was a useless endeavor as the Hastur creature enjoys 30 points of armor.

    Sir George now was becoming slightly worried, about you discovering the truth and about his ability to control, yet being basically insane and a narcissistic freak was convinced he would rule in the end. He had his minions silence the corrupt cops, and then had you come along in the summoning of Hastur, grossly overestimating his ability to control Hastur, and underestimating your ability to damage the creature. He was right in that Hastur, if left untouched would emerge without any form of control or binding. Sadly he never had a chance to test his ability to bind the creature as a two round death explosion removed it from this plane. The statue was destroyed in the explosions as well. Interestingly the D100 san loss, nor the fail a dodge roll and die abilities were a factor. A little stats on that one are intriguing, most people do not take any skill in dodge leaving the base chance of DEX times 2, which would work out to a 1in three chance at best. 1 in 3 with 5 characters making the roll is well outside the odds. Well outside. Well done Gentlemen, dynamite for the win!

    1. oguthrie Post author

      Thanks for sharing. I don’t remember if I had to make a dodge roll at the end or not. I do remember that SAN roll… I was fearful of that one.

      btw…I always put points in dodge. dodge = opportunity for survival. It is like a get our of jail free card…. Or an extra life. I always try to get my dodge to at least 40 and preferably 60…or higher.

      There was a lot to that story that I missed, and I think I had a better grasp than some. Which, in a way, is very realistic. I think about most crimes and investigations – seldom, if ever, is there some kind of full disclosure that ends with everyone understanding everything. Usually, there is a pile of misperceptions, anger, and violence that is never really resolved… At least we had the satisfaction of the devastating finality of destruction.


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