In case memory fails…(10/25/13)

Soon, we once again pick up the sword. When last we convened, your band of heroes cleaned out the tomb of Kassen, slew the undead fiend, Asar Vergas, and returned the Everflame to your little village of Kassen’s Rest.  Shortly after returning to town, Edurne, a fellow villager and second cousin of Alazne, came panting and wheezing from the southern trail. He had escaped from the Margh-Bulls and the slavers. He had climbed out of the fortress, abandoning many of his fellow villagers and your kith and kin. He left his escape rope hanging over the parapet and ran for two solid days and nights to home and the security of what was once Kassen’s Rest. And, thanks to your efforts – is once again a place of safety and security.

But all knew that a hunting party was fast on his heels. You naturally headed down the southern trail to intercept them. You laid a trap at a particularly narrow place in the canyon pass and ambushed the party of Margh-Bulls and the black skinned soldier slavers. A round or two and all were slain – except one peculiar creature that escaped somehow. The creature was being led on a rope, out in front of the column and appeared to be sniffing its way along like one of the slaver Yeth hounds only this creature appeared like a small human, only with long arms and spindly legs. Whatever it was, it couldn’t be found after the battle.

And that is where we left off last time.

The patrol was utterly defeated but many of your fellow villagers, friends, and family are in the ancient hill fortress known of old as Erramun (the Red Hill), but also known as Ainagash, Iron Walls. It had fallen into ruin years ago but Edurne says it has been refortified and its walls recovered in the rust colored clay. Now, “it is manned by many slavers, their Margh-Bulls, their dogs and everywhere they dig in the earth.”

Your Cast:

Gau – Sorceror
Lukin – Ranger
Digroat – Rogue
Ziru – Ranger
Alazne – Ranger
Hilgari – Monk


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