Chauntea Works in Mundane Ways

Letter from Tan Meng to Gursu Eligar, cleric of Chauntea in Greenest left for delivery on the morning of the party’s departure back to box canyon for reconnaissance. 

Brother Gursu,

Along with this note, one of the trusted guards of the keep should deliver a pouch with 140 gp. The people of Greenest have a long miserable winter ahead of them, and I doubt the supplies in  Tarbaw Nighthill’s keep will sustain health over the cold dark months to come. Not being sure where the trail of the enemy will lead our group, I want to get this small token to you before we go.

The lands north of here, especially the environs around Waterdeep and Neverwinter did not suffer the foul weather that these lands have. Use the gold as you judge best, but I know that in Neverwinter, this much money would purchase at least a wagon’s worth of harvested wheat with enough left over to pay the caravan master or hire guards to ward off unwelcome guests along the road.

What a sight for the people of Greenest to behold in a few weeks time, food distributed from the Grain Mother’s temple. It would do much to restore faith, if not fill bellies. Also, If you can manage it, get as many salves, splints, and bandages as you can. My healing kits are empty!

Be well,

Tan Meng


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