4 thoughts on “HotDQ – Episode 6: Castle Naerytar (2/28/15)

  1. Steve

    I have a Flat screen tv I would like to do the same with, But I can’t find the images to use in Roll 20 for Hoard of the Dragon Queen. I am willing to purchase them, begrudgingly though since I did already pay for the book. But Where did you get the maps that you use in your projector, and what projector do you use?

    1. oguthrie Post author

      Hi Steve,
      Thanks for the question. I bought the image pack from here:

      They were relatively inexpensive and definitely worth it. Some didn’t have 5′ grids over them so I had to do a bit of photoshopping – both for the grids and sometimes to create a darkness mask for caverns and interiors so I could have a graduated reveal.
      This projector is just an Infocus IN35W – but I think any reasonably high resolution smallish projector would work fine.

      Cheers and best wishes!


      1. Steve

        One other question. How do you get just the map to display without the Roll20 toolbar, and the browser window

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