2 thoughts on “Bleak Prospect (9/11/15)

  1. sdorward

    That sounds like an amazing session! It was great to see that your players took the fight to the antagonists. Most players I’ve run this for have been more cautious, which doesn’t always serve them well.

    This is definitely meant to be a downbeat, merciless scenario, and I’m not sure it’s possible to have a positive outcome. The closest I’ve seen has been when a group of investigators took control of the equipment in the out building and started down the path of becoming the new Midas Circle, but of course this meant heading down a very dark path.

    Your comment about some of the players finding the weak characters frustrating to play has got me thinking. This was very much written for my nihilistic tastes in Cthulhu scenarios, but that’s definitely not what everyone wants out of a game. If I get time, I may write a blog post about how to make the scenario a bit less, well, bleak.

    1. oguthrie Post author

      Hi Scott,

      Actually, I’m a fan of the bleakness. I chose the scenario for its tone, in addition to the fact that you did a particularly nice job setting up the game. I really like how it begins, in the morning, with the Doctor working on the dying patient and the missing kids. Compelling. So many scenarios start with a much more gentle narrative plunge and slowly tighten the screws – I prefer your dive into the deep end. Very well written also. Nice NPC’s and plot arc, culminating in the house of horrors. And I’m a fan of the horrible end awaiting the PC’s even if they do rescue the kids. Kudos to you.



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