Midnight Dwarf Patrol

Of the small group of dwarf friends, only Shifty Leghard openly backed Gnok Copperfist. While Hrothgolm and Grodious stood behind the current standing clan leader, Zundrum, the rest of the squad including Gordain, Thaglor, Bix Ringhorn and Fozmog took no stance.

Perhaps the small group wanted change, security and most of all to retake the front trades hall and drive out the shadow army from the hold. After one non-eventful stretch monitoring the halls just above the forge, our band of brothers ran into Gnok Copperfist coming up from the forge. Perhaps it was that conversation, or the weeks of inaction and lack of leadership coming from Zundrum. Or maybe it was the knowledge that someone, had sabotaged the front gate and nearly doomed the entire hold. Whatever the precipitating cause was, the group decided to bust into Zundrums family residence and search at will. Overcoming huge social mores (or at least table fatigue), the group searched in vain for something, anything, that would indicate that Zundrum was guilty. Or incompetent. Or both.

Sullen and shamefaced, at least under some beards, the group headed home. Of course the next day they pulled shit duty. Told to head up river from the Ort pens and mushroom caves, the group set off and found three monstrously large river eels in the 2nd pool. The eels proved little challenge to the hearty fighters, and a new source of fresh meat was delivered back to the hold.

Mid battle, the odds were not on the side of our heroes, yet within a rounds, our dwarves pressed on with cunning ferocity and smarts extraordinaire.

Mid battle, the odds were not on the side of our heroes, yet within a rounds, our dwarves pressed on with cunning ferocity and smarts extraordinaire.

Still thirsting for adventure the dwarves set out again, this time to the edge of the the hold’s territory. The continual light stone marked the territory’s end just at a bend in the stream. It was at the point when half the party was around the bed that black arrows rained down from a cliff wall.

Several things happened at once. Some of the party became pincushions and took severe arrow damage. Bix Ringhorn began to chant up some dancing lights while Grodius smartly threw a cloak over the boundary light stone. In a short round, what had been a setting of disastrous disadvantage, became a standoff, at least for a few moments. The Orc vanguard, perched above on a cliff wall could no longer see their targets. A couple of moments later, they were the ones lit, and soon they were taking damage from below. The end result was 16 dead orcs and one dead legate. The home court advantage was significant but lingering questions remain.

Why was the shadow patrol waiting for them? How did they know a dwarvish patrol was arriving? What in stone’s name were they doing underground anyway? Clearly the Shadow has learned something of the underground passages. How does this relate to the sabotage at the front gate?

Will our group turn back with this info, hide it? Or press on? Time and Ale are running out and that’s not good for the clan.


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