Midnight Dwarves – Chapter Conclusion

Our group has weeks ago closed a chapter on Midnight with the successful conclusion to Midnight Dwarves. We are now back to Dragons, but someone else will write about that.

In short, the group made the long journey back to the Clan hearth, and shockingly found no one at the river’s watch. Knowing something was up, the dwarven heroes scrambled and climbed via arrow shot rope up from the river chasm. Soon, they could hear sounds of invaders, Orcs, and fighting. They dashed off into the melee.

Their path led to the forge itself where four legates, one arch legate and another powerful fiery being occupied the once busy work place. And skulking in a corner was Gnok Copperfist, traitor. The ensuing fight looked shaky for only a round or two. By now the dwarves were well accustomed to legate battle tactics, and the black robed servants of Izrador simply could not match the prowess of Hrothgolm, Bix, Shifty, Thaglor, Fozmog, Grodious and Gordain.

The result of all this? The enemy lies bruised and beaten for the season, probably being forced to retreat from the snowy slopes. The remaining dwarves will be able to rebuild and re-fortify. The strange fire being remains, but is not hostile. It is a hybrid of a natural force, and the magical powers of the Earth itself. Bix realized that his magic channeling was greatly augmented in the direct vicinity of the elemental, and already plans are being made to rekindle the forge, and see what kind of battle hammers can be made. Perhaps contact can be established with the other hearths of the clan. Perhaps contact with other races can be established. Powerful fire emblazoned orc skull smashing hammers from Hearth Scintili would be a welcome sight for any and all that would resist the Shadow.


The fire being in the Scintili Forge remains as a possible tool against the Shadow. For now at least, this Dwarven Hearth remains free.


DM Notes:

This campaign was meant as filler, but is in one of my favorite worlds, that of Midnight. Based on the core background and rules established in the d20 Midnight Campaign setting, and augmented by the Dwarven background supplement Hammer and Shadow and what I thought was fun. There were many mechanics that I did not get right. The party was rather over powered using champion templates on top of the D&D 5e character templates. But the idea of Midnight was there.

Here is the collection of maps we used in the game:

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