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Our Ensemble: Premades 10/11/13

Kapitan (Captain) Sergei Borisovich Kozlov: Officer


He is proud of his military service and his personal distinction as a decorated officer. He has a reputation as a man who can navigate the chaos of war and produce the results his superiors want.

Starshiy Leytenant (Senior Lieutenant) Ivan Pavlovich Babenko: Communications Officer & Artillery Spotter

Babenko served with Captain Kozlov during Operation Magistral and knows the captain is a man who succeeds at his assignments. Babenko knows that it’s good for his career to stick close to a man who is on an upward trajectory. Babenko intends to make a career of the Red Army.

Praporshchik (Warrant Officer) Vladimir Olegovich Kriptoshenko: Combat MedicGuerrilla Sniper

Captain Koslov has unofficially reprimanded Kriptoshenko for risking his life to retrieve wounded soldiers. The captain thinks he’s reckless. Kriptoshenko knows he’s doing his duty to the men he serves with, which matters more to him than the success or failure of some abstract mission. Nevertheless, he loves serving with the Spetsnaz and intends to become an officer.

Praporshchik (Warrant Officer) Nikolay Vladimirovich Korovin: Combat Engineer

Korovin earned a sterling reputation as the man who could be counted on to booby- trap the most unexpected items. He could spot a booby trap just as well. Disarming traps was something he managed to do several times in his career while some poor Red Army conscript still had his foot on the pressure-plate fuse. He even managed to disarm a demolition charge that threatened to cut a strategically important bridge— although it certainly helped that the Mujahedeen bomber had bollixed the radio detonator.


Praporshchik (Warrant Officer) Vitaly Vasilyevich Sirko: Grenadier

After two tours in Afghanistan he still thinks highly of himself and his comrades. As for the rest of the Red Army? Nothing but borderline mental deficients and drunks, demoralized and undisciplined. Being in the Spetsnaz means not having to hang your head in shame. It means you did your duty and won all your battles. His father’s side of the family was made up of Cossacks who fought for the Reds during the Great Patriotic War. His time with the Spetsnaz fit right in with his family’s military traditions. Like many Cossacks he is a devout member of the Russian Orthodox Church, and an anti-Semite: hardly out of step with Russian society.

Praporshchik (Warrant Officer) Andrey Alexandrovich Melnikov: Machine Gunner

The boredom of his reassignment to the Arctic Theatre of War has Melnikov on edge. His sparring partners in the battalion’s SAMBO matches say he’s not pulling his punches. The men he’s disabled in Leningrad drinking holes would say he’s maniac, if they could speak with broken teeth and jawbones.

Praporshchik (Warrant Officer) Viktor Sergeyevich Muradov: Squad Marksman
Guerrilla Sniper

Praporshchik Muradov comes from a family of hunters. Even though his father is a hydro- electric worker, Viktor Muradov was taught the skills of a Siberian hunter by his grandfather, who honed his hunting skills in the Great Patriotic War. Muradov didn’t learn much from his marksmanship instructors in sniper school. He came to the party knowing all the dance steps. The one thing the Red Army did teach him to do was lose his compunction about shooting humans.

Briefing: Nerd Night 10/11/13

On Monday morning, August 19, 1991, you were awoken to the news that Premier Gorbachev had been relieved of his duties and a “State Committee for the State of Emergency” had been created to run the country during the transition of power. Your Spetsnaz unit, in Norilsk for Arctic warfare training, is put on alert; but being so far from the centers of power in the U.S.S.R., no one can really imagine going into action unless you are airlifted back to Moscow or Leningrad.

On Tuesday, August 20, 1991, you are kicked out of bed at 1 a.m and ordered into full Arctic warfare gear immediately. You pile into the back of several UAZ trucks and are rushed to the nearby Soviet Air Defense Forces Base. Waiting in a hangar are a number of high ranking generals from the Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces, the arm of the military that is responsible for all land-based strategic and theater nuclear missiles. They don’t look happy. One or two look drunk. Most are on the verge of panic.

With heavy lidded bloodshot eyes, the diminutive, ruddy-faced bulldog, Lt. General Konstantin Pavelovish Suslin of the Strategic Rocket Forces begins your briefing.

OPERATION WHITE 36                 Date/Time of Briefing: 08/20/91/0130 hours

Operational Forces to Deploy: Spetsnaz_GRU_squad

4th Special Purpose Brigade, Elements, Red Army
82nd Special Purpose Airborne and Arctic Warfare Company, Red Army
124th Heavy Lift Wing, elements, Red Air Force
1st Platoon, 18th Special Signals Company, Elements, Strategic Rocket Forces

Strategic Situation: 

Site 6 is home to an ICBM silo of the 123rd Strategic Missile Wing, located in the foothills of the Byrranga Mountains of the Taymyr Peninsula at 76° 12’ N and 106° 18’ E. Strategic Rocket Forces Command lost all telemetry and radio contact with Site 6 six hours ago. Site 6 has not responded to any subsequent attempts at communication. Site 6’s last communication, at 18:30:22 Moscow standard time, was that the facility was under attack by forces unknown. We can only assume now that Site 6 is in the hands of terrorists, counter-revolutionary or imperialist forces. No demands or ultimatums have been issued at this time.

Further complicating the strategic and tactical situation is the presence of a violent storm over Site 6. Air reconnaissance of Site 6 is extremely restricted. High winds combined with low visibility and an unknown amount of snowfall over the site mean that a successful air insertion at Site 6’s landing field via aircraft landing or para-drop are rated as extremely low-probability. No appropriate military resources are near enough to reach Site 6 by ground within the time constraints.

The final factor arguing against air insertion is that Site 6 is equipped with four SA-12 ground- to-air missile batteries. If Site 6 is in the hands of hostile forces, they may have control of the air-defense system, making an approach by air impossible without extreme casualties.

Mission Objective: 

Your company must reach Site 6, regain control, assess the technical situation at the facility, and re-establish communications and data exchange with Strategic Rocket Forces command at Sverdlovsk. The objective is time-critical. Communications and data exchange must be achieved by 14:45:13 hours, August 22, 1991.


The task force will deploy from Soviet Air Defense Forces base at Norilsk.

The task force will be divided into two equal teams consisting of two platoons of Special Purpose Forces. Each team will include three personnel from the Strategic Rocket Forces, who will deal with any technical issues at the silo complex once it is secured by the Special Purpose Forces. The use of two separate teams using two different approaches to Site 6 will ensure the success of the mission.

th-3Team number one will attempt to reach Site 6 vi Mi-26 helicopter launched from Norilsk Air Defense Base. Team number one will proceed via nape-of-Earth flight in order to avoid the radar systems and air defense batteries at Site 6.

Team number two will be inserted 114 km from objective, beyond the worst of the blizzard conditions, by Antonov-124transport aircraft out of Norilsk Air Defense Forces Base. After performing an open-field landing and disembarking, Team two will proceed overland to the objective using four MT-LBV multi-purpose tracked vehicles.

The Special Purpose Forces team to arrive at Site 6 first will immediately secure the facility and then re- establish communications with Strategic Rocket Forces Command Sverdlovsk. The second team to arrive will provide support. Task Force will remain in place until weather permits safe extraction. th-1


All information about, and even the very existence of, WHITE 36 is classified Top Secret.

Expected Weather Conditions: 

The area of Site 6 is experiencing unseasonable weather. A violent blizzard has reduced visibility to less than 100 meters. Sustained winds are estimated at 65kph with gusts over 100kph. Air insertion directly into Site 6 is an extreme hazard.

Agent Bandolier’s Notes Pre-Finale (7/20/12)

2011 Feb 21 Wednesday
08h00 Discussion  
The trajectory of the object known as Nemesis has been further refined. It appears to be altering course from initial projections and appears to be on a near intercept path with Earth. Disasters and cataclysms will follow. Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) has dubbed the object “Kali”.
The rate of acquisition of new followers at Enolsis is increasing rapidly. The cult is bringing in new people by the busload.

08h30 Team regroup and commence research in downtown Tulsa
Property records confirm that Enolsis owns no other properties in the vicinity of their pyramid compound. Blue Hawaiian Construction Co. is owned by Enolsis however, and BHCC owns three industrial lots in Tulsa.

Baxter Davins (USAMRIID) acquired a live, virulent sample of Norovirus from Laura Davison, a willing confidante back at the USAMRIID facility in Ft. Detrick, MD.

09h00 Industrial Properties 

One property was empty except for rubble. One was an apparently defunct pipe storage yard. Various kinds of pipe still present, but not interesting.

The third property had a metal warehouse. We explored to find only tire tracks from some vehicle with very large tires. Those tracks were fresh but there were no other signs. A nearby natural gas plant shared their security videos with us, and we were able to identify the vehicles as four olive drab South African Warthogs. They departed on 19 Feb. Reviewing back 30 days (all the security tape available) did not show any other activity. Conclusion- the warthogs were in long term storage until two days ago.

11h00 Tulsa FBI

Raoul met Archie Baldwin, local FBI chief. The local shop is small (5 agents). One field operative is undercover inside Enolsis. He went in as an alleged convert and is due to come out on 22 Feb. 11h00 Sonny Glass

With the self-sequestering agent Halpert no longer active, Sheriff Sonny Glass has stepped in. His first action was to contact a seismic survey crew to get a look at the subsurface geology beneath Enolsis. The crew was willing and spent the afternoon deploying sensors and charges.

13h00 Federal Express

Walter Kasoto, a Bosnian delivery driver was interviewed. Fed-Ex has been making lots of deliveries to Enolsis, and recently the deliveries have stepped up and there have been pick-ups recently as well. The deliveries take the form of cardboard boxes, each with four large quartz-like crystals and packing materials. The same boxes are going out, but in this case with semi-regular cubic rocks of a basaltic nature. One box of crystals was seized. Mr. Kasoto was threatened and bribed with $200.

2011 Feb 22 Thursday

08h00 Seismic Shot and FBI agent

The shot went well. The crew took the data back to analyze it. We kept a copy in order to have it independently analyzed for confirmation. At same time we got word that Ms. Delveccio (NBC) had found undercover FBI agent J. Allen in a ditch with partial amnesia. On a 0-10 scale of protomatter exposure (0 showing clean and 10 indicating “Scroat-level” contamination), agent Allen was Pink-6. He also had the same microsutures on his scalp that agent Halpert had after his infiltration.

At this time Baxter intercepted a food shipment and inoculated it heavily with norovirus. Agent Allen was taken to the hospital for examination and then sent into quarantine. CAT scans indicated that his skull had been opened and the bones re-fused.


We set up internet contest (prize $4,000) for independent visualization of the seismic survey data. We also took a charged crystal to a mineral scientist at the nearby university. We got a recommendation from the seismic crew. He told us that the crystal was indeed quartz, but had a higher than usual vibrational energy. The rocks were just rocks.


Txt msg from Louis Gaston reads, “prob at st Louis, HQ suspect compromise” My notes here suck balls and I am unclear of the interpretation of what I wrote. Does this mean FBI HQ? In St. Louis only? Delta Green HQ? I further wrote down, “Kali trajectory continues to be sucko.” I believe I remember that that information was also from Gaston, and that this is when we learned that the Earth approach of Kali will be at its closest in 4 months, and will be close enough to strip away our moon.

17h30 Seismic Results from Boulder Student

Some little fucker at UC Boulder was the first to respond with a visualization. His interpretation shows a 20 to 50 meter diameter cavern about 100 meters beneath the Enolsis compound. The visualization is too crude to show exact size and location.

I contacted the Hawaii observatory for more info on Kali. They wouldn’t answer any questions, and told me that they were under orders to brief only two people at NSA: Ray Barrett and his advisor (name unknown).

Later that night

An FBI psychologist examined agent Allen. He dredged up some memories as follows:

-The agent was incapacitated with a gaseous agent in his room.

-He was tortured in a high humidity chamber. He mentioned choking on the humidity.

-He has a slight recollection of surgery being performed on his head.

-He had earlier been caught trying to follow Enolsis members when they were transporting crystals into the pyramid.

Much later that night

Two of us tried to stealth onto Enolsis grounds. We were caught and forced to retreat.

2011 Feb 23

Friday Morning at Tulsa FBI

We tested all local agents for protomatter. Agent Lyons tested Pink-8. There was no sign of how he got infected. All other local FBI seem clean. I was forced to explain a bit about protomatter, which extended to a general description of our doings from Tennessee on. This was recorded and the FBI personnel were skeptical. Video of Hope was shown as evidence.

Agent Cox hacked into Enolsis through their internet server but the files were not interpretable. Enolsis’ chartered “Clear Skies” express train is bringing a huge load of people from the west coast. The compound is getting stuffed.

Widespread sickness at Enolsis. Gene Downing allegedly curing people.


We acquired a search warrant to search Enolsis for materials and evidence related to terrorist activities. The warrant was weak, but enough to get us on the property. We were immediately approached by Steve Moseley (Pink-9) and we took him and the gate guard into custody. Mr. Moseley is believed to have demonstrated psychic mind-reading powers previously.

There may be some confusion about the events but I’ll try and be chronological as I understood things.

– We entered the parking lot in our Tahoe. Gene Downing came out to talk. There were tons of reporters at the gate (as usual) and he indicated that civil rights lawyers were on their way to protect Enolsis’ rights. At some point he tried to let the press into the compound but we squashed that.

-We entered the Freight Storage Building (FSB), where Fed-Ex shipments are stored. There were lots of boxes of rocks set to go out.

-We entered the Welcoming Building (WB) which is the dining facility downstairs and office upstairs. We seized all computers and servers and put them in the Tahoe.

-We entered the Security Building (SB). Security video was checked. Enolsis members spotted moving boxes into the pyramid from SB.

-We ran to intercept, but the members were leaving the pyramid when we got there and the hand trucks were empty. They denied having boxes.

-A detailed search of the pyramid revealed nothing. No boxes.

-An Enolsis member in the SB was caught deleting security video of the event. He was arrested for obstruction. Security back up tapes show nothing of inside the pyramid except during sermons. All security stuff was seized. We called in the local FBI to bring more trucks to carry stuff.-Bugs were planted in the FSB, SB, and pyramid.

-The gate man, Steve Moseley, Gene Downing, and the security man who erased the tape were all taken into custody.

-The local FBI guys were cheesed off to have been excluded from the mission. We blew them off.

-All other buildings were searched to no avail. The dorms were full of sick people.


Gene Downing was interrogated by Officer Doyle, a mentally negligible cop under Sheriff Glass. Doyle was told off to beat some info out of the terrorist Downing. Downing managed to talk him into a stupor and partially convince him that he was right and we were wrong.

22h00 Surveillance Video

Enolsis Aryans pile boxes of crystals against the walls in the pyramid.

2011 Feb 24 Saturday

02h00 Surveillance Video

One Aryan enters pyramid alone. He does a perimeter check, then leaves. Shortly after the camera signal goes dead.

06h00 Surveillance Video

The camera signal is re-acquired. Same pyramid interior is visible, but the boxes are different. Presumably charged crystals were exchanged for dead rocks.

Note from Agent Halpert: (7/6/12)

Message from Agent Halpert:

Status report and recommendations for continued investigation and battle against Enolsis. Jim Halpert, FBI, currently under self imposed quarantine.

I write this from an old bank vault in the basement of what used to be the Oklahoma Farmer’s Bureau Bank. It no longer has the correct specs to be useful in the function of a vault, but with its steel and concrete walls, and meager ventilation, it will serve as an adequate holding cell for me.

I am infected, or I should say, surgically implanted with, the same pink shit that the Tennessee town had amongst most of its citizenry. This type of thing does not go well usually. The results are unpredictable, unpredictable in the sense of how one will be fucked. I consider myself a detriment to the team. At the moment my thoughts are my own, at least I think they are. I hope the notes following serve some good for the rest of A-cell and Delta Green.

Events of last few days:

The main events started the previous evening. I had entered the compound as a convert/volunteer.  I thought my cover was good, in retrospect it must have been blown or revealed at some point during my stay on the compound. I highly suspect that the individual named Steve (aka gate keeper) has the ability to read thoughts and mentally scan people. In any case, after awakening the next morning I found that besides a splitting headache, rotten gut and feeling like I had been run over by a truck, I had experienced a definite loss of time. Besides this, my iPhone alarm did not go off. I also discovered that at least three other men had suffered the same fate. One wore an analog watch which was 4 hours short of time.

Did the watch enter some zone where time does not flow normally? Or did the Enolsis folk just set it back to fuck with us? In any case, my head now has the faintest of surgical scars and I have the pink. The ability to leave so little a scar after pink implant is beyond modern medicine. Clearly alien workings abound at the Enolsis center.

As far as those blasted realizer crystals. They are coming in by the thousands every day. My best guess is that these crystals have been imbued with human psychic energy, and they are conduits into another realm or are partly sentient themselves. After careful investigation with a geophysics lab in St. Louis, University scientists found nothing with them. Yet they are being shipped to Enolsis central, and for a purpose. Every night they are brought into the temple. All that psychic energy is being stored in the pyramid.

No good will come of this.

Also, merely because they want it, we should stop it. Basic rule right there.
Find some bureaucratic way to fuck them up. Agriculture rules, traces of radioactivity, whatever it takes. How about fake crystals that look the same and swap them out at the Fed Ex facility in Tulsa? A friendly federal judge should be helpful there. Send them dummy uncharged crystals. If they are not charged and this bothers them, then it proves the charging hypothesis pretty quickly. Or just swap the ones coming out of Enolsis with the ones going in. No charge at all. Just an idea.

As far as the layout of the Enolsis compound goes it is maddeningly simple. At least on the surface.

There is a weak point on the compound. The generator building. The fuel tanks are outside of the generator building. Fuel. Enough said chaps.
As far as buildings go, however, I did not see anything out of the ordinary. In my one day there, I spent a considerable amount of time in the “barn” building. Workshop with several tools, nothing special. I did not have enough time or opportunity to examine the Pyramid. The upper chambers serve as Gene Downing’s personal chambers and undoubtedly need to be examined further. Could you guys get a parachutist to land on the top and infiltrate the pyramid during the prayer service in the evenings, when the leader is not present?

What lies beneath the pyramid. It has some foundation to it, how deep? What if its actually some sort of octahedron? The underside of the pyramid could be a mirror of the top. Could be. Go in heavy and start shooting those fuckers. Drive a fuel truck next to the generator building and torch it.

Oh, one last fuck you to Enolsis and spin of the media dice for me. It was clear that Gene Downing was going to use Haines and my detainment as a means of embarrassing our agencies and Government. I Was able to get this bad blonde color out of my hair by coloring it my normal shade, and set up a remote interview with an old friend from a London (actually Sussex) morning TV show. The interview places me in London yesterday with a solid alibi. That interview will run tomorrow morn over there (just an hour or two more). It should seriously throw into doubt any possibility that I Was here in Tulsa. At least it will make Downing look like an ass. I had some choice gems for him in the interview.

Anyway, the next steps are yours. One of the reasons I have placed myself here in this vault is fear of what I might become. We saw first hand and by video what happens to the pink-ified people. I don’t want to hurt anyone, or be used by those freaks. Sherif Sonny helped me get set up here. I chatted with him a bit immediately after you guys left my Sheraton room. He lost a brother to the Enolsis cult years ago, and a fiancee. Kind of messy. Anyway, he has his own motivations for taking out this cult, and right now, he’s what we have in Tulsa in terms of friendlies. I have taken the initiative and gave him this briefing as well as some background on previous activities. He did not blink an eye. How much weird shit has he seen? I trust him. Hope you do too.

I have enough food for a week, water, and a drain to piss in. Enough books to read, until I can’t stand it anymore. I also have few bottles of pain pills. Nice huh? Oh, and some goddamn’ed Merlot. Could not find any Cab. Tulsa fuckers.

Good Luck guys, if you kill the slime pool, get me the fuck out of here.


New Age Part 2: Chapter 1 (6/15/12)

Here’s how it went down:

Dan and I were the first ones to the house. We had barely cracked a beer when Donavan showed up with a failed loaf of dead bread dough that hadn’t risen. He proceeded to fry some onions and make a sort of savory fried bread that was pretty darn good. We had left over pork and cole slaw and porked ourselves silly. We had no donuts.

Leif was a bit late, but not as late as feared. We got started, I think, about 6:30 or 7:00.

We tidied up some loose ends from the Friday before. Agent Halpert (Dan’s character) was still in the hospital after being lazed by the blue tentacled lightning gun.

We decided that the gun itself was in a sealed evidence bag as recovered by Agent Haines (Donavan).

Delta Green sent a skeleton crew to Tulsa to do some preliminary investigation and intel gathering. They were also reminded to go easy on civilians. They drove from St. Louis, arriving near midnight on Sunday night the 18th of Feb.

They explored the area a bit. Haines was dropped off at a watering hole near Enolsis HQ called the Kow Pasture. There he eavesdropped on the drinking locals and a local news crew. Seems the crew had plans to try to attain entry to the Enolsis compound at first light and beg, bargain, or steal to get an interview with Gene Downing, AKA The Living Power.

While Haines was knocking back a cold one, the other two agents took a drive by past the compound. It is in rural Oklahoma, about 10 miles outside Tulsa and near the main manufacturing facility for Whirlpool. Enolsis owns about 300 acres surrounded by a 9′ chain link fence. Several clustered buildings comprise the main structures of the compound in addition to a giant black pyramid. In the low clouds, with a soft snowy sleet falling, the bright light from the pyramids cap shone straight upward into the clouds. Dale Cox, Craig’s character, was also in tow but in a semi comatose, unattended PC state since Craig had yet to show. The team discovered an abandoned farm house near the main gate to Enolsis and contemplated setting up shop there – and also designated it as a safe house in case a rendezvous point was needed later.

No donuts still. I mean, none in the house even to tempt us.

Our group wanted to be there to see what happened with the news crew. They discovered that the crew was staying at the nearby ‘C’mon Inn’. Rather than awaken at a terribly early hour, the team flattened one of the tires of the crew’s van and set their wake up alarms for a more civilized hour. There were other plans discussed, of course, some of which involved explosives, some involved slashing all four tires of the van… the news crew got off easy and just had to change the one tire amidst the cold and blowing snow of an early February morning on the plains.

Off to the compound. The group watched as the news team was rejected at the gate. In the midst of their discussion with the gate watchperson, a hitchhiker showed up and was welcomed into the compound. This got the team’s mental cogs grinding and they began to contemplate some sort of infiltration activity. About then, a parade of several nicely painted and very new coaches left the compound. Our group set off in pursuit.

The buses spread to the four freeway winds. Our team followed one into downtown Tulsa where the driver and another person began proselytizing for those who might want to join. Agent Halpert was one of the first on the bus.

Agent Baxter Devans (Leif’s Character) and Haines began to acquire gear for a ‘bird hunting’ cover story and knowledge about ownership of adjoining lands, as well as the possibility of finding a home for rent or lease near Enolsis HQ.

The bus that Halpert was on spent some time at various locations around Tulsa, picking up the curious and the ‘joiners’ that society had to offer. He didn’t actually arrive back at Enolsis HQ until nearly 4:00 PM. Meanwhile he had made some friends on the bus with a businessman/executive/banker type, and a mom with two kids and some other fine (if not perhaps weak minded) citizens of Tulsa.

Halpert was warmed with a nice meal at Enolsis HQ on arrival. He was welcomed with a sincere embrace of friendship by The Living Power himself. Eventually they found their way inside the pyramid for their first prayer service and to receive their own ‘realizer’ crystals. During the service, many of those around Halpert were clearly moved and experienced some sort of epiphany. Halpert faked it as best he could but didn’t actually experience such.

Later, in his assigned dorm room, he set his iPhone to awaken him at 3 AM for soem covert explorations.

Meanwhile, Haines and Devans tied down the rental of a nearby ranch house to serve as a team base. They journeyed into the fields around the house with their guns and gear for some bird hunting. They were also porting a quad-copter surveillance device. Devans tagged a nice double on a brace of quail. In the darkening light, they cut a hole in the chain link. They also sent their copter gathering intel. They flew around the base. They watched The Living Power work on some email through the windows of the cap of the pyramid. Also noticed that a FedEx ground truck delivered a lot of freight to a warehouse type building.

Somewhere in here, Dale Cox became noticeably more active – Craig arrived.

He brought Ice-Cream. We ate them immediately. Did I mention there were no donuts.

They called it a night somewhere after this point.

The next morning, Halpert woke up late. He had evidently missed his alarm. He felt like absolute hell. Worse hang over ever. Horrible head ache. After some discussion about the volume and reliability of iPhone alarms, he tried to make the most of the morning with some coffee and breakfast. It didn’t help much. He spent the day working in the ‘garage’ helping to fix a four-wheeler and assisting in the shop.

Agent Cox decided his efforts might be best spent doing some recon from within Enolsis as well.

Devans and Haines were surprised.

Cox assumed an alternate idently as a hunter who was taken with the inspiration to come to Enolsis mid hunt. He tried to sneak in a taser in his boot, but the way the gate guard interrogated him on the subject of weapons, he got nervous and returned to the bus where he hid it. He was welcomed similarly to Halpert, although he went with the whole prayer instructions and had his own epiphany. He really had a moment of exquisite pleasure and a complete inundation of extasy.

I think soon after this, Devans was on the floor for a while in a meditative trance.

Somewhere in here, Halpert or Cox discovered that the ‘freight’ was actually cases of crystals delivered from all over the world. They came from other Enolsis facilities. At night, they were to be moved by hand cart into the pyramid. Halpert decided to help out. After the crystals were loaded into the pyramid, he decided to hang out in the warehouse – which also housed the compound’s generators.

It was about now that the winds changed in the mind of Halpert. He decided to ‘kick the hornet’s nest’ and see what happens. Despite the presence of video cameras inside and outside the generator building/warehouse, Halpert decided to sabotage the generators. He was mid-sabotage when two personnel entered the facility demanding that Halpert desist. Halpert broke out through a ventilation panel but got tagged in the neck by a dart from some sort of Enolsis security agent. He rolled a 99 and landed in a heap, face first, in the snow and slush of an Oklahoma night.

Meanwhile, Cox was getting a bit edgy in his dorm room. He decided to go for a walk. Outside. he ran into a couple of Enolsis personnel. They had a brief interchange and as Cox really wanted to go for a walk – they evidently thought there might be other motivations so suggested that perhaps he might want to talk with The Living Power.

They had a back and forth at the top of the pyramid. Gene and Agent Cox. Would agent Cox like to identify his unconscious friend? Cox yielded nothing but finally said that he’d take the unidentified person with him, just to keep him safe. Cox was submitted to a lecture from Downing about how the government was persecuting its citizens, crushing their rights, and killing their freedoms. Cox and Halpert were photographed and finally loaded into the County Sherriff’s car.

Cox, speaking with the Glass discovered that Sherriff Glass was interested in the plight of these two FBI agents. He never liked those Enolsis folks, but more importantly, if anything big were to be going down in his county, he wants to be involved in it. Especially anything involving the Feds.

As Cox administered aid to Halpert he discovered very fine suture marks fully healed yet barely visible around the scalp and neck of Halpert.

I think that is where we more or less ended the night’s session.

Looking forward to this coming Friday.